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Top Wearable Travel Air Purifier

for Healthier Travel

Watch the video below to see why the amazing ​AirTamer A310 High Performance Wearable Travel Air Purifier beats the competition & is used by thousands to create a cleaner zone of health in their personal space:

5 AirTamer Benefits that you'll love:

Most Effective Wearable Travel Personal Air Purifier

AirTamer's advanced ionic technology emits a constant stream of healthy negative ions that force airborne pollutants away from your personal space giving you a 3-foot sphere of cleaner, healthier air around your head. It cleans the air of atomic sized pollutants (e.G. Viruses, pollen, smoke, molds and dust mites) that traditional air purifiers (e.G. HEPA) leave behind. Offers 9 times more air cleaning power than all others.

Rechargeable & Energy Efficient

It is silent in operation and it's extremely energy efficient power boost technology provides 150+ hours of run time on one charge. Easily charged by included USB cable.

Wearable or Place on Nightstand plus Lightweight

You can wear it around your neck (strap included) since it is smaller than most MP3 players or place it freely on your nightstand so the air around your pillow is clean and free of pollutants.

All Included Lanyard, USB Charging Cable & Metal Carrying Case

Proprietary conductive lanyard is adjustable and features a break-away connector for extra safety; USB charging cable and metal carrying/ travel case are included. The AirTamer A310 comes in your choice of black or white.

Quality Assurance

The AirTamer A310 has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, is reportedly the ONLY wearable travel personal air purifier that is endorsed by Consumer Reports and is enjoyed by many happy customers around the world.

Customer Testimonials:

I originally bought the Airtamer for use on airplanes, as most do. I have flown Delta and American, and there has never been an issue with wearing it. Before I bought it I used to get sick regularly after traveling. In the years since I bought it, this has never happened again. I also noticed that, since I started wearing it daily, my usual allergies have been diminished. I find that if I have an allergy attack and turn on the Airtamer, the attack usually goes away with 10 minutes, often less. - MattB

My husband and I got these for a long flight during the peak of flu epidemic! We flew from California to Miami and it seemed like everyone on the flight was hacking and blowing their nose -- even the man in the seat directly in front of me was coughing toward his window and the wind of his cough was coming right at me behind him! (No, he didn't cover his mouth either). I can only say that my Husband and I did not catch even the slightest cold, sniffles, or anything to and from our vacation destination. Do these work? I'll trust this again for sure! - Sunshine

I'm very happy with this. In the past I had this sort of thing (air purifier) with regular batteries and I just couldn't deal with it anymore. I don't use it just on plane rides but also for longer periods of time in dusty areas for example. So I was really excited to see a rechargeable version of this concept. I found that it immediately helped my allergies. I accidentally damaged the bristles by storing it improperly (in my bag without a case, not advised), and I found the customer service to be super friendly, helpful & generous. - D. Loesch

Good gadget for jet travel...They seem to work as neither my husband or I got sick after a very long flight to New Zealand. - Patricia Hand

It works! My wife gets a bad headache when she gets a whiff of any perfume. She has been wearing this for about a week now. Interesting to note that she smelt faint perfume a couple of times (on a public transportation, mind you). Also, she mentioned her frequent sneezing at her work has greatly abated or stopped. My guess is this thing is actually working for her. - CVN68RX

I absolutely love it. I play pool in the bars. I can't stand the cigarette smoke. And I don't even notice it with my Air Tamer on. Now I wear it most of the time. I lay it on my night stand and turn it on at night. My husband smokes. outside, but he smells and stops up my nose. Not now!!! - Dee Anderson

Top Wearable Travel Air Purifier

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