How to Make Natural Toothpaste

how to make natural toothpaste

Making your own natural toothpaste may seem like a really good idea when you hear what’s in the leading toothpaste brands. And it’s not just sodium fluoride (which has been touted to help build strong teeth) even though it’s manufactured from by-products of the aluminum industry. It causes those white spots (mottling) on teeth that are quite common, called flourosis, which is caused by overexposure to fluoride.

No, there’s still more! There’s sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, propylene glycol, and DEA (diethanolamine). If the words weren’t scary enough, it’s the thought of putting this chemical cocktail in one’s mouth every day and swishing it around while under the assumption that it’s good for your teeth.

With mounting evidence that exposure to these multiple chemicals actually harms your health rather than helps it, is it any wonder that many people just choose to make their own homemade natural toothpaste?

If you’re one of them, here’s a homemade natural toothpaste recipe that’s easy to make, effective and very healthy.

In fact, you may wonder why you ever bothered with chemical laced toothpaste in the first place!

DIY Natural Toothpaste Recipe

(You can double this recipe to make a larger batch, if desired.)


3 tablespoons coconut oil
2 teaspoons baking soda
3 to 4 drops peppermint oil extract (to taste, and optional)


Mix thoroughly and store in a container or jar. It’s a great idea to purchase small glass jars with lids, so that you can assign one to every person in your home.

To use, loosen enough toothpaste in the jar with the backside of your toothbrush to cover bristles.

how to make natural toothpaste

Coconut oil will begin to melt when you put it in your mouth. Just swish and brush it on all of your teeth and gums, until through.

You can brush your tongue and gargle with what is left, then spit it out.

You’ll feel naturally clean and refreshed.

NOTE: Using coconut oil provides the benefits of fighting bacteria, decay and plaque on the teeth and along the gumline. The amazing properties of coconut oil proves to be the perfect base for a natural toothpaste recipe. It even helps eliminate mouth odors, plus you get the benefit of no chemical toxins in your mouth…ever!

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