Allergy Free Bedding Tips to Create a Healthy Bedroom

allergy free bedding tips

Using allergy free bedding is an important part of creating a healthy bedroom environment in which to sleep for those who have allergies or chemical sensitivities. In fact, it’s a healthier choice for everyone to sleep on natural, nontoxic, chemical free bedding. Making the bedroom the healthiest room in the house makes perfect sense since a third […]

How to Choose the Best Allergy Free Pillows for Good Health

best allergy free pillows

There are many types of allergy free pillows available to allergy sufferers which can provide relief from irritations as well as offer supreme comfort at night. Different allergies may require a different pillow and just because a pillow may be natural does not necessarily mean that it is a hypoallergenic pillow. So it’s important that allergy sufferers […]

How to Get Rid of Dust Mites in Your Home

how to get rid of dust mites

House dust mite allergies are relatively common and affect approximately 20 million Americans with many more worldwide. The symptoms of dust allergies can be minor such as a runny nose or can be major such as serious respiratory problems and more. Household dust is very common and is a combination of many fibers and particles such […]

Chemical Free Mattress Buying Tips

chemical free mattress

A chemical free mattress is just as the name implies, free from chemicals…completely! While the term may seem self explanatory, in today’s complex world of synthetically produced fibers and chemically treated products, it can actually be misrepresented or only partially accurate at times. If you’re looking for a mattress that is really free from chemicals, synthetic […]

5 Tips for Breathing Cleaner Air in Your Home

5 tips for breathing cleaner air

Air pollution is something we usually associate with the outdoors as we think of gas emission and smog. However, research has shown that indoor air might be up to 5 times worse than the air outside. Since people spend almost 90 percent of their time inside their homes, this can be a cause for major […]

How to Choose the Perfect Pillow

perfect pillow

Did you know that sleeping on the perfect pillow can actually make a huge difference in whether or not you get a better night’s sleep? It’s true. Sleeping with the best pillow for your own particular sleep style can actually help you rest better. The perfect pillow not only enhances the quality of your sleep […]

3 Tips to Create An Allergy Free Bedroom

tips for allergy free bedroom

A nontoxic, allergy free bedroom that is designed to provide you with a safe sleep zone is the most important gift you can give yourself or a family member who suffers from allergy problems. A healthy, natural bedroom can be created that has little or no health issues associated with anything in the room, from bedding […]

Dust Mite Removal: How to Get Rid of Dust Mites in Your Bedroom

dust mite removal in the bedroom

Dust mite removal in the bedroom can eliminate uncomfortable symptoms of dust allergies that plague many people. Even though mites can inhabit just about any place in a home, the bedroom is the number one area in which they thrive. Often, people find that they still feel sick, irritated and never seem to get a good night’s rest, even when […]