Home Solar Power

home solar powerHome solar power solutions are proving to be more affordable, reliable and easier to install than ever before. From installing a complete residential solar panel system to your home, to simply adding a few solar powered lights on the patio, there’s usually a way for everyone to benefit from home solar power.
The U. S. Department of Energy estimates that “most homes with solar panels get at least 40% of their energy from solar; that varies by house. Whether solar power will fill all your power needs depends on how much your system produces and how much you use.” You don’t need to install a complete solar panel system for your home, however, to enjoy the benefits of residential solar power.
You’ll find helpful, informative articles and best product suggestions below. Whether you want to add a few solar powered lights outdoors, build your own DIY Solar Panel Kit off-grid, or install full solar power to your home, you can find the information you need to get started. You can become less dependent on the electric company and more reliant on home generated solar power.




How to Clean Solar Panels for Proper Home Maintenance

how to clean solar panels

If you’ve already invested in solar panels, or are thinking about it, you need to know that their maintenance is quite simple and doesn’t require any particular skills. Also, it’s not very time-consuming, although it’s necessary if you want your investment to function perfectly. Cleaning solar panels is pretty much the most important thing you […]

Solar Panel Installer: How to Find the Right One

best solar panel installer

The choice to install a rooftop solar system is an easy one to make for many homeowners who live in very sunny climates. After opting to go green with more energy efficiency through solar power, the natural next step is to choose a reputable and reliable solar panel installer. Here’s how to find the right […]

Solar Panels 101: Basic Guide to Solar Panels for Home Use

solar panels for the home

Solar panels are man’s way of harnessing the sun’s clean, natural energy and putting it to good use. The sun gives off an enormous amount of energy during the day. This energy causes plants to grow as well as warmth to earth’s surface and atmosphere. However, there’s still plenty of the sun’s natural energy that is […]

10 Reasons To Use Solar Energy at Home

solar energy at home

Solar energy at home is the most obvious choice when it comes to alternative, renewable and clean energy sources. Although the sun may not be shining all day or cloudy weather blocks sunlight from time to time, recent technological advancements allow solar energy to be effectively collected when the sunlight is available and stored for […]