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Latest Developments in Cargotecture: Sustainability to the Max


Even though shipping container architecture or “cargotecture” is still a relatively new concept, it’s already evolving and getting more innovative. More and more people choose to make these affordable, sustainable, eco-friendly containers their homes and enjoy numerous benefits from this green building solution. But, shipping containers have much more uses in the world of architecture […]

Container Homes: Pros and Cons of Shipping Container Homes

container homes pros and cons

Shipping container homes have increased in popularity over the past few years due to the fact that steel intermodal containers are in many ways an ideal building material. Shipping containers are durable, strong, modular, cuttable, stackable, and movable. Plus, there are plenty of them available and they are cheap, compared to traditional home construction or […]

10 DIY Single Container Homes & Cabins from Around the World

DIY single container homes from around the world

Homes made from shipping containers have attracted worldwide attention because of their solution to so many issues. There is an endless supply of cargo containers that are continuously retired from use. Container homes are relatively inexpensive to build and they can be quickly turned into living quarters for various purposes. They also meet eco-friendly requirements for […]

DIY Container Home Q & A

DIY Container Home Q & A

Before attempting to build a DIY container home, it’s a good idea to get all your questions answered before jumping into your project. Fortunately, building a shipping container house or cabin is becoming more mainstream. In fact, it’s becoming downright cool! So, there are plenty of people who have already completed a project like this and […]

Container Living: DIY Shipping Container Projects

container living

Container living is a growing phenomenon among many green living enthusiasts, preppers, off grid families, and DIY home builders. Residential container homes are not the only projects built out of cargo containers, either. Swimming pools, offices, tool sheds, outbuildings, barns, guest houses and vacation cabins are just some of the creative ideas that DIYers have built from […]