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Food Safe Containers for Growing Organic Vegetables

food safe containers for organic vegetable gardening

Have you planted your organic container garden yet? It’s still not too late! I’ve planted several in several containers this spring already. I’ve helped my 88 year old mother start her very own bucket garden just outside her garage. She’s thrilled to be able to garden again, even with lack of mobility. I’ve also helped […]

Natural Odor Eliminator: Zeolite to the Rescue!

natural odor eliminator zeolite

Finding a natural odor eliminator that is toxic free, scent free and natural is typically a major effort. Most products that are touted to eliminate or absorb odors really just cover-up problem areas with additional fragrances. Plus, sometimes it’s impossible to actually remove odors completely because of the cause…such as moldy materials that will just […]

How Bad Is the Air Quality in a Typical Home?

Healthy Home Q & A

Healthy Home Q & A Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Building, Remodeling or Improving a Healthy Home with’s Green Living Coach & Healthy House Specialist, P.S. Orr Feel free to comment, ask a question or simply be curious! There’s a whole lot of people who need, already live in or are looking […]

Home Termite Treatments: What You REALLY Should Know

non-toxic termite treatme

I belong to one of several Facebook groups that are dedicated to people with MCS. Today, I noticed someone left worried comments in one of the groups about having a mega termite treatment done to their home…fumigation tent and all! Their pest control company had recommended this treatment and had assured them that all the fumes […]