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Best Wearable Personal Air Purifier:

Mini-Mate Personal Ionic Air Purifier

The perfect wearable air purifier for travel or crowded spaces...create your own Clean Air Zone!

BY P. S. Orr, Green Living Coach & Healthy House Specialist

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My Quick Review Facts 

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Air Supply Mini-Mate Personal Ionic Air Purifier

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Wearable Personal Travel Air Purifier w/Lanyard or Clip-On


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This ultra-light miniature wearable personal air purifier creates a no smog zone around your breathing space that destroys bacteria and viruses plus eliminates odors, chemical contaminants, dust and second hand smoke. Recommended on Oprah and approved by Good Housekeeping consumer research. (I have also used a wearable ionic air purifier and...It. Is. A-mazing. :)


Welcome to my review of the amazing little wearable air cleaner, the Air Supply Mini-Mate Personal Air Purifier. I have to say that I'm not surprised, after doing a little research, that this little ionic air purifier is the top selling and highest rated one available today. But I really didn't need to be impressed too much by the current research and anecdotal evidence offered by thousands of satisfied users, because I was given a mini ionic air purifier as a gift several years ago before I had even heard of this technology.

Some friends knew I suffer with extreme allergies and multiple chemical sensitivity, so they surprised me with a mini personal air purifier that I could wear in public places to avoid scents, mold, chemicals and other air quality issues that really made me ill. I was amazed at how an air purifier this small could actually create a fresh air envelope around the face. 

What does the Mini-Mate actually do?

The Mini-Mate Air Purifier incinerates dangerous viruses and bacteria by corona discharge of 120 trillion ions per/second output. The safe level of ozone output is .028 ppm and also eliminates odors, chemical contaminants, dust and second hand smoke. This model is especially great for allergies, chemical sensitivities, mold and smoke. It also neutralizes fragrances, odors and other irritating scents.

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And you can you wear it anywhere...

The Air Supply Mini-Mate Personal Travel Air Purifier is particularly suited for public travel, shopping in crowded environments, attending public events, working at the office, going to school or having to endure indoor spaces that may be moldy, dusty, or emit irritating chemical odors. As a mini travel air purifier, it's especially useful for air travel, trains and buses.

For some people, it's actually a life saver and makes it possible for them to function outside of their homes in a much healthier way.

For Christina, who was featured on the Oprah Winfrey show, it was no small matter to breathe healthy air. After experiencing a chemical exposure to a toxic school environment, she developed an array of chemical sensitivities that rendered her almost unable to function. (As you can see in the video, this is an earlier version of the Mini-Mate that was larger in size. Today's updated version is smarter, smaller and even more efficient.)

Christine is wearing the Mini-Mate Air Purifier as shown on Oprah.

So, what else is so great about the Mini-Mate Personal Air Purifer?

This dandy little air cleaning tech gadget is only 1.5 x 0.8 x 2.5 inches in size and weighs a surprising 1.5 oz. making it very easy to wear as a necklace or clip it on your clothes wherever is most comfortable. 


  • • No filter to clean
  • • Invented & Produced in the U.S.A.
  • • Tested at leading Universities and research institutes
  • • Can be worn around the neck or clipped to clothing
  • • On/off switch
  • • Lithium battery included (40 hrs.)
  • • Noiseless operation

Also, you can save money on batteries by purchasing a Smart Charger with Rechargeable Batteries. The Mini-Mate also comes in 2 color options:

  1. Clearshell

What others are saying about the Mini-Mate Personal Air Purifier:

“I use it on airplanes to reduce the risk of picking up the recirculating germs and I use it extensively in New Orleans where I lead workgroups every couple of months for rebuilding. In New Orleans I wear it in buildings with a residue of mold smell - and sleep with it clipped to my pillow...I just used it on a 12 hour trip to Africa” - Nancy

 “Five stars...Best personal air purifier on the market.” - Paul D.

“I'm a hygienist and don't have control over heavy fragrants individual patients use that cause me to have migraines...this helps significantly.” - Toothglo

“I purchased this for my daughter who is in ninth grade to help her with her asthma. You know how all the girls wear so much perfume and air fresheners are sprayed everywhere. She wears it faithfully in school and out at friend's house. Recently she went to a party where they had a fire burning in the fireplace. Her comment was she never would have been able to breathe if she did not have it! It saved her from a severe asthma attack! She also finds it helpful in the car when we get stuck behind exhaust!” - Anne W.

“I fly frequently for business. During the cold and flu season, there are always five or ten people on every flight who are coughing and sneezing. Thanks to the wretched recirculated air on planes, I used come down with a cold about five days after every flight. Since buying this little device, I have repeatedly flown cross-country at the height of flu outbreaks, and come home without so much as a sniffle. I have bought one for every member of my household. It seems to be very effective in preventing the transmission of viruses through casual contact. If I were a teacher, nurse, or daycare provider, I'd wear it to work every day!” - Monica R.

 “I am sensitive to chemicals and fumes - such as perfume, cleaning supplies, or buildings with poor indoor air quality to the point where I was limited to where I could go. If I was exposed to poor air quality I would pay the price for hours to days after exposure with headaches, nausea, and generalized "flu" like symptoms. With the personnel Wein I am better able to handle airplanes, buildings with poor indoor air quality, and chemicals. I am so grateful for this product it has saved me countless headaches and ill health effects. I would recommend this product to anyone who experiences ill effects from poor air quality.” - RN

"This little personal air purifier has been a life changer for me and for my family. The women in my family have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, which for the most part renders us Home bound. Keeping us from going to Church, Theaters and many stores, parties etc. Since using this product, we are able to go out and enjoy going to these places. I have a problem with Perfumes, It is Pesticides and herbicides that get to my sister . One whiff and she can be down for days. But since having this product, she has been able to thwart attacks and go on with life. My daughter recently visited and we went on a Lake Cruise. The Diesel from the boat engine caused her to not be able to move or speak. I handed her my Air Purifier and within a short time, she was up and enjoying the cruise. A true miracle for our family." - Susan M.

And these are just a few of the hundreds of satisfied users of this amazing mini personal travel air purifier!

Mini-Mate Ionic Personal Air Purifier: Satisfaction Guaranteed!

As you can tell, I'm not the only one who is impressed with the best wearable personal air purifier on the market. Really, it's a wonderful investment in your health if you travel, work in crowded spaces or have allergies, asthma, multiple chemical sensitivities or simply want to reduce incidences of sickness due to viruses and bacteria. Not only is it a great personal product which can support good health, but it also makes a great gift to someone you love. In fact, one user bought one for each of his family members! :) Here's to your best health! - P.S. Orr, Green Living Coach & Healthy House Specialist


  • Wearable, lightweight
  • Eliminates chemical odors, mold, dust, bacteria and viruses from your breathing space
  • Proven by science, loved by users, Good Housekeeping research approved
  • Great for airplane travel, office use, crowded spaces, daily wear 
  • No filters to clean
  • Mini-Mate's patented emitter and grid are made of pure platinum and solid gold electroplated stainless steel
  • Lithium battery lasts only 40 hours; Rechargeable batteries and Smart Charger sold separately
  • Slight fresh air, ozone 'smell' that some users find slightly unpleasant
  • Not all airlines allow flyers to use the Mini-Mate during flights due to TSA rules ; However, most do, so check ahead.
  • Must be worn on top of clothing, without being hidden, to be effective

Low Discount Price!

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