Why Do Preppers Love Container Homes?

The growing phenomenon of container home interest among preppers and survivalists is attributed to several practical factors related to the global shipping industry as well as the almost indestructible nature of the units. 

There will be no let-up in the manufacturing of them in the near future because of the growing global economy. In fact, over 21, 000 shipping containers arrive in the United States everyday.

Many are built in China, where it’s cheaper, so they are stockpiled in the U.S. simply because it’s more expensive to build them here. Rather than send them back after their one-way trip, they are retired.

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Today, there are over 700,000 cargo containers stockpiled on waterfront real estate in the U.S. They have been retired and have no purpose, use or method of disposal. That opens the door to some creative ideas for reuse as housing options.

Shipping Containers Are Easily Available

Cargo containers can be found almost anywhere. It’s not even hard to find a wide variety of them inland, because many are shipped to locations for other reasons and end up being discarded or having met their purpose yet again. You don’t have to purchase them from port cities anymore. You can often find some in your own local area.

They’re in every state, every country and you’ll find hundreds of businesses that have retired shipping containers available for purchase. Repurposing steel intermodal containers are not only great cabin or home options for preppers and survialists, but recycling them is a much better choice for the environment.

Reused containers are kept out of the landfills and are kept from cluttering up vacant lots, warehouses and abandoned lots. With the continually growing number of retired cargo containers, there’s no end to their common availability for years to come.

Containers Are Inexpensive to Buy

Buying a shipping container is often a good financial move as far as housing options go when compared to conventional home construction. Of course, there is some technical knowledge involved in choosing the right containers as well as understanding how to cut costs in building. However, many containers are very inexpensive to own.

You can actually buy 10 containers for far less money than you would pay as a down payment on a traditional home. A shipping container home building project also offers the very real possibility of not having a mortgage payment for the next thirty years.

Containers Are Built to Last

Container structures are built to last with a steel envelope and reinforced ends. This steel reinforcement in each end makes them ideally stackable. They can easily be used to build a two story home with an unusually strong frame.


There are plenty of bonuses from building a container home that are less common in conventional home building.

If you get water damage in a traditional wood home, you can end up with mold issues, including the highly dangerous black mold. But steel containers do not encourage mold growth on their structures. (However, there is an important issue concerning insulation that, if not constructed properlly, can cause mold growth within the wall cavities if enclosed with other materials. See more answers about this by clicking here.)


Another plus is that unlike a traditional home, cargo units are fire proof. Steel doesn’t catch fire like wood homes do, so your family is safer living in a steel home rather than a bug out, stick-built cabin.


Pests can be a big problem for people who have their homes built from materials that are currently available. Termites can work to destroy a home and are often not seen until the damage is substantial.

In some cases, a home isn’t livable after termites have caused extensive structural damage. Container homes are quite resistant to termites.

Container Cabins Are Easily Camoflauged

Preppers also prefer shipping containers as survival homes because they can easily be hidden from view with foliage, trees and other natural coverings.

bug out shipping container

This helps protect your family against would-be thieves and people who might want to harm your family, property or steal your supplies in the event of a disaster.

Want to Build Your Own Container Home? Get Up-to-Date Construction Guide To Build A Container Home From Scratch!

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