Why Are Today’s Homes Still Unhealthy with Even More Safety Regulations Than Ever Before?

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Q:  Why Are Today’s Homes Still Unhealthy with Even More Safety Regulations Than Ever Before? 

A: The major interest in home energy efficiency has encouraged the construction of much tighter homes. Unfortunately, many residential designs do not also plan for adequate ventilation systems in modern homes to allow for healthy fresh air exchange.

Contemporary home construction also uses many synthetic building materials that emit toxins into the interior living space. Even though common building materials meet regulation standards, many products still pose a health threat evidenced by many chemical injuries. There are many products and building techniques that have not undergone adequate evaluation to determine toxicity levels related to human health.

In addition, homeowners add toxic cleaning supplies, furnishings and pest control products that continually “degas” high levels of VOCs and other chemicals.

This combination of tight, improperly ventilated homes and the continual degassing of toxic products causes a high level of indoor air pollution that can trigger a number of serious illnesses.

Addressing these two issues in a modern home construction or remodeling project is critical in designing your healthy home.

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