Where to Find Organic Food in Your Neck of the Woods

where to find organic food

Healthy, organic food has often been associated with the tastes of trendy, urban dwellers who simply run over to the nearest high end health food store and pay a small fortune for the freshest armload of vegetables with which to round out their fashionable gourmet meals.

That stereotype is quickly fading, however, as more and more savvy consumers are learning about the many health benefits associated with eating organic food. Many people are now interested in setting their tables with better nutritional products for their families.

Find Organic Food, No Matter Where You Live

Here are a few tips to help you locate the healthiest organic food at reasonable prices:

Local supermarket or department store super center

Did you know that a growing number of traditional food companies are catering to the rising consumer interest in organic foods? If you haven’t noticed, you can sometimes find truly organic food items on the shelves of your local stores, even if you live in the boon docks!

Two place to look in groceries stores or super centers, are the outer aisles of the food section and in a specialty food section.

Interestingly, most food stores line their outer aisles with fresh product and less processed food products. Inner aisles are usually loaded with all the pre-packaged and metal canned goods.

So, check out the outer aisles for some organic produce or less processed foods that are labeled organic.

Many stores, even smaller markets, offer a section of specialty foods that often now include organic products. Admittedly, some of these are more pricey, but you can find some items that you need there.

Larger super centers that also have a food department can often charge less for their organic products simply because they buy in bulk.

Local farms and smaller produce gardens

If you ask around, you may be surprised to find that there are some local organic gardeners or small farmers that grow organic produce, or at the very least, conventionally grown produce without the use of heavy pesticides and herbicides. Patronizing the local farmer’s market is a great place to find people who offer organic products.

Grow it yourself

Yes, I know! It’s a more difficult process for which many people who don’t have the time or patience to grow their own produce. However, have you ever thought about growing a small table garden just outside your kitchen?

You use a raised table garden, plant a garden in pots or simply use a small portion of ground to grow small amounts of organic produce, such as tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, onions or even beans.

You can also build or purchase a very small green house that fits nicely in the back of any surburban yard. This will allow you to grow small amounts of organic food for your table year round.

Buy organic food online

If all else fails, you can always find a plethora of companies and organic farms that offer a variety of organic food that is either frozen, dried or packaged for ease of use.

This option is pricier sometimes, but buying in bulk can help. It’s easy to find flour, beans, canned goods and vacuum packed goods through online sources that will ship your purchases straight to your door.

Explore Your Best Organic Food Sources

It pays to be a bit creative in discovering where to find organic food in your area or in devising cost effective ways to bring this healthy food alternative to your table.

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