Top Natural High Blood Pressure Remedies

natural gout remediesResearch has shown that some natural high blood pressure remedies can help to reduce blood pressure without drugs. There are several, effective natural remedies for high blood pressure that many people prefer as alternatives to prescription medication whenever possible.

There is now evidence that some alternative treatments may also have significant positive health results, along with general lifestyle changes.

High blood pressure usually doesn’t cause any noticeable symptoms in its early stages. Symptoms such as headache, nose bleeds and dizziness are often attributed to other causes. Because this condition is not usually associated with one primary cause, the symptoms often go undiagnosed.

Common Causes of High Blood Pressure

There are usually a combination of factors that lead to this health issue. Some of these common causes include:

  • weight gain
  • tobacco use
  • sodium intake
  • age and stress

High blood pressure can also be the result of other conditions such as kidney disease, thyroid disease, or the use of certain drugs. Even some foods such as licorice can elevate blood pressure.

Research Shows Alternative Methods Work


Research has shown that some natural remedies may help reduce blood pressure without the use of additional medicines. The supplement CoQ10 has been tested and has shown not only to reduce blood pressure, but also to help control blood sugar levels.

Natural Garlic

Another alternative remedy that can be effective is natural garlic. Clinical trials have shown a significant reduction in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure when garlic supplements were used to control mild high blood pressure. Caution should be used when taking garlic supplements as it can also thin the blood.

WebMD cites scientific research that points to these particular dosages for natural treatment of high blood pressure:


  • Garlic extract 600-1200 mg divided and given three times daily.
  • Standardized garlic powder extract containing 1.3% alliin content has been studied for this use.
  • Aged garlic extract 600 mg to 7.2 grams per day has also been used.
  • Aged garlic typically contains only 0.03% alliin.
  • Fresh garlic 4 grams (approximately one clove) once daily has also been used. Fresh garlic typically contains 1% alliin.


A very effective herb that some people have found useful is Hawthorn. Traditional herbal practitioners have used Hawthorn for centuries to lower blood pressure. In a recent 16 week study conducted in the UK, patients taking a Hawthorn supplement had a significant reduction in mean diastolic blood pressure.

Fish Oil

The use of a fish oil supplement is another natural treatment being studied. Preliminary studies indicate that there is evidence that fish oil may be a viable in treating the condition. Further studies are currently being conducted.

Folic Acid

One small study of 24 cigarette smokers found that four weeks of folic acid supplementation significantly lowered blood pressure and might be another one of the natural alternative treatments that show promise.

Since so many of the current prescription medications carry serious side effects, many people are looking for natural health remedies that work safely and effectively. As with any treatment option, consult your physician before you try any alternative remedy.

Natural alternative methods, of course, are not guaranteed to work, so monitoring your blood pressure is highly important when you begin any treatment regimen.

Since there are many variables that can determine whether or not a particular treatment is effective, it’s good to check with a medical professional for further information about your options and about what may work best for you.

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