Top Green Business Idea: How to Start a Successful Tree Care Business

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For a nature-loving entrepreneur, a top green business idea today is a sustainable tree care business. This type of green business offers a great opportunity to give back to the community and make a living in the process.

Trees are not only essential for life on earth, but are also the longest living species. They absorb carbon dioxide, reduce wind speeds, cool the air and prevent flooding and erosion. With rainforests and other natural woodlands threatened, it is vital that we preserve trees in urban settings.

Tree Care Business 101

Here are the basics you need to know in order to start a successful tree care business in your community:

Skills Required

A tree care service involves a wide range of activities, from trimming limbs, taking down whole trunks, removing stumps, as well as planting young trees. If you have worked with another tree company, these things should be familiar. Another big bonus would be an A-1 climber certificate.

If aid climbing isn’t your favorite pastime, team up with a partner or pick a crew member who is a climber. You have to understand the techniques of cutting storm-damaged trees, chainsaw use and maintenance as well as how to dispose of wood and brush.

Draw Up Your Green Business Plan

If you have made up your mind about starting a tree care business, you’ll need a business plan that will serve you as a road map on how to develop your company. Consulting the SBAA or BBB (Small Business Association Australia or BBB in the U.S.) is a good way to start, as these organizations are dedicated to helping startup businesses grow and prosper. Take advantage of their events, workshops and meetings and connect to industry leaders and investors.

Hire a Trimming Crew

A dedicated and skilled tree crew is essential for your business to run smoothly with minimal incidents or accidents. If you have worked for a landscaping company, you probably have friends in the business who are always looking for extra work.

Another effective way for hiring skilled workers is to place an ad on Gumtree, Adzuna or any local classified ad platform. Perform job interviews and recognize applicant’s strengths. When your business starts to grow, you will be able to employ those people full-time.

Get Business Leads

Online Leads

For a service-based company, one of the best places to generate leads is at the top of Google’s search engine results. In every metropolitan city, there are thousands of searches per month for different keywords related to the tree care industry, such as tree services (city name), tree removal (city name), tree trimming (city name), etc.

Unless you are near the top of such search result lists, you are losing potential leads. Here’s how to get started:

  • Step 1: Create your Google My Business profile.
  • Step 2: Fill out all the information in Local Google Business page.
  • Step 3: Ask satisfied customers to leave reviews on your Google for Business profile page.
  • Step 4: Have your business name, address and phone number listed on citation websites.

Personal Referrals

Talk to other entrepreneurs in your industry. You can often get referrals from lawn care professionals or pool maintenance people; then when somebody asks you for reliable lawn or pool maintenance, you can return the favor. In a person to person business like this, up to 20 percent of business leads are referrals.

Invest in Quality Equipment

Cutting is usually the last resort of saving a tree, used as a method of treatment or prevention. The chainsaw is what comes to mind immediately. Petrol-powered saws use a petrol/oil mix to run, while the electric-powered ones usually have a power cord which can get in the way. It seems that battery-powered saws have the best of both worlds.

Pole pruners come in handy even if you climb the canopy. However, not all trees are accessible by aid climbing. By providing a stable platform for more workers and their tools, scissor lifts for rough terrains are also very useful in urban settings, where maneuverability can often be an issue.

Apart from trapping dust and filtering pollutants from the air, trees host complex micro-ecosystems. Young trees offer food and shelter for birds, and the old ones are frequented by bats, burrowing insects and woodpeckers.

In addition, people love to live and work in green surroundings. In the time when there are more homes in cities than in the countryside, taking care of parks and street trees is becoming even more important. This provides an opportunity to create a successful green business by starting a successful tree care service for any local area.

Image Credit – Wikimedia

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