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Hi! Welcome to my blog! Here, I discuss topics that are important to me and my family such as toxic free living, green building and design, and a naturally healthy lifestyle.

I approach green living from a “human health first” perspective, because I recognize that not all trendy, eco-friendly lifestyle recommendations are always necessarily healthy or safe for humans.

That’s where my viewpoint differs from some greenies. (Since when is recycled, synthetic, chemical-laden materials healthy for human use?! Smelly, recycled, rubber tire flooring, anyone?…just sayin’!)

But I’m convinced it does pay to be ‘wisely green’… and for the most part, healthy living is merely an extension of going green.

Choosing to live green and healthy has its perks for any person or family. Disease prevention, better quality of life and natural healing options are just some of the best reasons.

My interest in organic foods, alternative medicine and a generally healthy way of life goes way back. However, it wasn’t until I sustained a serious chemical injury, that I was motivated to radically change the way my family and I live. Read My Story…

These unique experiences gave me many opportunities to answer questions, pass along tips, information, and practical advice to others who want to live green, healthier or toxic free for whatever reason. I eventually became a Certified Green Living expert under the instruction of Laura Klein ( and the Spencer Institute simply to add more credibility for helping others.

I’m the mother of two much loved adult children, grandmother of three beautiful grands and wife to the most awesome, rock steady husband! I’m also a musician, writer (way before blogging was hot :), and have been involved in faith-based ministries for a long time.

I hope that you can learn and grow from some of my experiences in living a natural, toxic free lifestyle. And I’m sure I can learn from you!

Thanks for visiting. If you have any questions about me,, or anything else, please feel free to contact me. I love hearing from my readers.

Here’s to your best health!

P.S. Orr

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