Taking a Multivitamin May Save Your Life Studies Reveal


As promised on my new blog, I’ll be sharing a lot about how I live with Environmental Illness/MCS, as well as about random family, health and lifestyle interests.

I may even throw in a few news mentions from time to time. In fact, right now is a good time for that! 🙂

This caught my eye today.

Dr. Jennifer Landa, Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogicMD, wrote a great article about the new medical insights on multivitamins.

In short, she says that according to 2 reputable studies released in January, 2015, taking a good multivitamin can actually save your life!

It’s not that I wasn’t already pretty much convinced of this probability, but it’s good to know that my thinking is now validated by scientific research.

Of course, my personal convictions about the need for good supplements is primarily based on anecdotal study (i.e. my own :). Nutritional support is one of the most important protocols that I credit for improvement in my own health condition.

Just the other day, I was contacted by a new friend from Australia via Wisely Green’s Twitter feed. She is 5 years into living with MCS and asked, “How did you recover?” She, of course, was referring to my 30 yr. survival of EI/MCS.

Naturally, I couldn’t go into details about my health journey in just 140 characters, but I did manage to get in what’s worked best for me. It’s pretty simple.

Avoidance/Nutritional Support/Detox…in that order.

I’ve tried just about everything else medically within reason to get well, but I always ended up coming back to these basics.

Good supplementation has always been the second most important thing I have ever done for my health. That’s why Dr. Landa’s article hit a personal chord.

I was also able to fit into my tweet that, recovery is subjective…it’s just my “new normal.”

So, while others may have achieved more or less a “normal” recovery at some point, I really have yet to meet anyone who has honestly reached the exact state of health they had before they became ill.

That is, the ability to tolerate everyday chemicals, toxins and allergens without having to compensate (at all) for their health in some way.

I’m sure I can be challenged on this, but that’s a topic for another day. 🙂

This is not to say that there’s no hope for significant health improvement and overall well-being…there is.

Avoidance/Nutritional Support/Detox is still tried and true for those with the condition, no matter what else they try.

Not to be discouraged, however!

The long journey, just like the one my new Twitter friend has embarked on, can lead to a “new normal” that offers a hopeful future.

And that’s ok.

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