Swimming Pool Tips: Smart Ways to Go Green and Clean

swimming pool tips

Having a swimming pool is not a posh thing anymore. Everybody with a fair income and some free space in their backyard can own one these days. Still, possessing a swimming pool and keeping it in proper shape are two completely different things. Since maintenance is important for hygienic, environmental and aesthetic reasons, it’s the essential thing for your backyard resort.

Avoid Algae

There’s nothing more beautiful than opening the shutters in the morning to have a look at the enchanting blue color of your swimming pool. On the other hand, there’s nothing more disgusting than the color of green algae floating on the surface of the pool.

If you want to prevent algae from occupying your pool, apply a proactive approach. Algae feed on other microorganisms that live in swimming pools. If you manage to remove those micro pests from the pool, there won’t be any algae, so you won’t have to treat them with much more harmful chemicals. So, get less toxic, green solutions for removing algae nutrients and you’ll get rid of algae before they show up.

Plant Greenery Around Pool

A swimming pool with trees and shrubs around it is a protected pool. The benefit is three-fold. Firstly, you’ll protect the area from wind, storms and other severe weather conditions. Secondly, they will absorb some carbon-dioxide released by conventional chemicals from the pool. Finally, they will make the round-the-pool area more attractive. However, you have to know that the shrubs also require frequent and proper pruning and maintenance. Otherwise, broken twigs and leaves could get to the pool and clog the pipes and filters.

Proper Filtration and Pump

Filtering pool water on a daily basis should be enough when it comes to safety and hygiene. In order to force the entire amount of water in the swimming pool through a filter, you need to get a powerful, but energy-efficient water pump. According to a recent study conducted by Florida Atlantic University, smaller water pumps are a better choice if you want to save some energy and still have a perfectly clean pool. 0.75 horsepower pumps will suffice for residential backyard pools. Such pumps are both powerful enough to keep the water properly filtered and economical enough to harness the energy consumption.

Mind the Leakage

Water leakage affects both the energy efficiency and the usability of your pool. Therefore, if you go for a traditional tile-and-concrete solution, make sure you perform occasional leakage testing. For instance, you can use a water resistant color and draw a line parallel with the water level. If the pool leaks, the water level will drop.

Contrary to that, you can spare yourself all this hassle and inconvenience by opting for quality fibreglass swimming pools. They are unlikely to let even a drop of water leak. In addition to that, those modern constructions are easily assembled and maintained, which is a real treat for every pool owner.

Chlorine-free, Salt-enriched Pools

Chlorine has been used for decades both in public residential pools as the most efficient solution against harmful microorganisms. However, recent research has shown that this chemical might not be as benign as we thought. Therefore, it would be smart to replace chlorine with a completely natural and equally efficient solution – salt. Beneficial for the skin and deadly to algae, salt will serve as a great anti-pest feature in your pool. Nevertheless, be careful not to overdo with the salinity of the water. It would be wise to consult your pool manufacturer and follow their guidelines on the amount of salt in the water.

Bringing your swimming haven into visually green and eco-friendly shape is not rocket science. Applying the tips given in this piece will help you significantly in making your pool a clean and cozy place. But be cautious when doing any maintenance and always contact a professional when you’re not sure what to do.

Lillian Connors

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