Survival Preparedness Tip: The ONE Thing You Should Never, Ever Do

survival preparedness tip

Have you taken the time to become prepared for a variety of natural or manmade disasters that could possibly occur in the future? Have you spent some time training yourself and your family about how to respond in a negative situation? Do you have a disaster food supply ready in case of emergency? If so, that’s great. But, there’s also one additional thing you never, ever do if you’re a prepared survivalist.

In fact, this one thing is so important that it could mean the difference in whether you and your family survive in a critical situation, no matter how much you have prepared otherwise.

The #1 Survival Rule for Effective Emergency Preparedness

It’s very simple…DO NOT TELL ANYONE that you have engaged in extensive preparation for your family in case of emergency!

Of course, this admonition may sound a little weird and even isolationist, especially in everyday life when interacting with your neighbors and friends. But, there are good reasons not to broadcast your extra food supply, safe space, protective equipment, health aids, communications gear and other important survival needs.

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Reasons for Staying Mum

Why, you ask, would I not tell anyone? There are numerous reasons, but you can easily see why by considering this scenario of an emergency situation that could occur in your area.

Maybe you’ve been storing an unusual amount of food, supplies, fuel, etc. and your neighbor happens to see you unloading all of these weird items at your house. Maybe you’ve started growing vegetables, fruit trees, bought some chickens and built a coop. The nosy neighbor asks you why the sudden interest in homesteading. Or, you tell your kids and they tell their friends because it sounds cool.

You are rolling along doing your own thing when, later on, some type of disaster strikes. What do you think that neighbor or other people who know about your food cache and other supplies might do?

Because they have not taken the time to consider proper emergency preparedness and are now in a panic, they’re going to remember that their neighbor, you, did prepare. This could possibly be the cause of dangerous confrontations by others who have knowledge of your emergency supplies.

As much as you like your neighbors, extended family and friends you should NEVER tell anyone that you have prepared extensively for serious emergencies. While we should all have compassion for those who did not prepare and may face serious hardships, if you are to survive, you have probably only put enough food and equipment away to sustain you and/or your immediate family.

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Be Wise at All Times

Remember, that if you inform others about your planning who are not involved in survival preparedness, and they tell their friends, in many cases, they WILL come after your stuff. Unfortunately, if a serious, long term disaster strikes, everyone will be desperate and your world will not be same. You can always use wise judgement later on as to whom you can safely share your food and supplies with, since helping others will also be important during an extreme emergency. But, care and wisdom will be needed in order to protect your family.

You will also need a way to protect your provisions, whether it’s with firearms or other means because you will have items that people are going to desperately want: food, shelter, fuel, batteries, lights, etc. Are you prepared to protect your supplies and family?

Of course, the worst case scenario of a major disaster may never happen…that’s good! But, don’t think it can’t happen in today’s volatile, unpredictable world. Remember, just because you took the time to prepare for emergencies, doesn’t mean everyone else did. So, heed the #1 rule for home survival…don’t tell anyone that you are actually prepared!

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