Superfood Turmeric: The Healing Power of Curcumin


Turmeric is an amazing superfood because of the healing powers of curcumin, the main active compound in this potent Indian spice. Available in supplement forms, it offers many health benefits. Need to heal your body? Cut body fat? Manage pain? Curcumin can do the job and more.

Health Benefits of Turmeric

Nature’s Best Anti-Inflammatory 

Inflammation in our bodies is the cause of a host of health problems including reducing our ability to lose weight quickly. If you need an anti-inflammatory that works without question, curcumin is probably your best choice.

It out performs other supplements, every over the counter drug anti-inflammatory and even most of the prescription drugs that address this health issue. Plus, it’s both safe and relatively inexpensive.

Promotes Healthy Fat Loss

Curcumin isn’t a fat loss agent to the level of some other exclusive weight loss supplements, but it can significantly aid your overall fat loss fight. It does this by inhibiting fatty acid synthase, which makes it harder for your body to pack on body fat.

Many users also notice that it allows them to be a bit flexible with their dieting by allowing a little extra freedom to “cheat” while still seeing good results.

Helps Control Cortisol Levels

Keeping cortisol levels low is crucial if you hope to build muscle and get lean. High cortisol levels signal your body to go into “emergency” mode and retain body fat by any means necessary.

Research has shown curcumin to be a miracle worker when it comes to keeping cortisol levels low. This helps to become leaner and more muscular in a shorter time, if you’re also training hard and following a well planned diet.

Fights Cancer

Studies have shown the powerful cancer fighting properties of curcumin. Not only is curcumin proven to be highly effective, but also continues to work over long periods of time.

Powerful Antioxidant

Curcumin shines as an antioxidant. It will boost your overall health and give you noticeably more energy. If you make a habit of cooking with turmeric often or supplement daily with curcumin, you can expect to enjoy better health.

How Much Curcumin to Take Daily

A normal dose of curcumin is typically 900 mg once a day for best health benefits. If you’re sick, you can safely take up to 900 mg three times a day until you’re feeling healthy again. This is in addition to any turmeric you may be adding to your meals. Turmeric is definitely one superfood you want to add to your daily diet for its powerful preventive and curative health benefits.

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