Solar Panel Installer: How to Find the Right One

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The choice to install a rooftop solar system is an easy one to make for many homeowners who live in very sunny climates. After opting to go green with more energy efficiency through solar power, the natural next step is to choose a reputable and reliable solar panel installer. Here’s how to find the right one.

Initial Considerations

Most people have a general idea about what solar panels do, look like and represent. However, choosing the right installer is the most crucial part of the entire “going green” process as you need someone experienced to guide you through all the ropes. After all, solar panels are another household element that need to be maintained properly.

Furthermore, there is a plethora of factors that come into play during the process of installation, such as product specification, financing options, costs, benefits, etc. In order to successfully maneuver through all of this, you need someone who is licensed, experienced, respectable and insured.

Smooth, Effective Communication

This might sound like a simple and obvious thing, but no matter if the solar panel installers are certified or not, they need to communicate well and be eager to help. These experts need to be able to adequately explain everything related to solar panels.

They should also teach you how to perform regular maintenance and cleaning operations, as well as detect signs of potential damage. They will also have to be available to fix the issues that laymen couldn’t tackle.

Necessary Policies

Your solar installer should have every insurance policy and business license necessary. However, keep in mind that regulations and policies can vary by state and depend heavily on local jurisdiction. General liability insurance is the cornerstone of their business and it also includes licenses such as home improvement, general contracting, electrician, and others.

What to Look for in a Genuine Professional

Since various boards of certified energy practitioners have been established in different countries in the early 2000s, most of these installers are certified. Opting for one of these professionals is your safest bet. Many have been working in the field before this time, but you may also come across installers that do not have all the necessary certificates and proper equipment. For instance, a contractor using work-certfied aluminium mobile scaffolding to access elevated surfaces definitely instills more trust than the one with a rickety old ladder.

If you insist on hiring one of these, you will need a proof of their expertise first. Thankfully we live in the age of the internet and most of such companies have websites that include reviews, so checking the integrity of any business should not be a problem. Reputation in the market means everything, and solar companies that have a record of satisfied customers should raise green flags.

Brand and Design

Solar paneling is taking the western world by storm, which has resulted in the development of a variety of brands and designs. In order to acquaint yourself with these differences, you can do a bit of research or simply ask a solar installer to explain the differences. They should also be open about what sorts of brands they install. If you own a sufficiently large roof, the efficiency and performance of different brands should not concern you. The stylistic preference might be the only thing that can make a striking difference.

Going solar means committing to the idea of green energy at home which is both eco friendly and financially smart. The first step to enjoying the benefits of home solar power is locating the right solar panel installer who is knowledgeable, professional and can provide all the necessary services from installation to proper maintenance throughout the years.

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