Shocking Fluoride Dangers: What You Should Know

fluoride dangers

Fluoride has been hailed for many years as the all-important deterrent against tooth decay. This has led to extravagant uses of fluoride toothpaste and treated drinking water as an easy way to spread its assumed benefits among the human population.

But negative side effects linked to its common use are being recognized throughout the medical community as well as the EPA taking notice.

Newsmax Health notes that more and more experts are conceding that there may well be a danger to fluoride use and are suggesting a reduction of this chemical in dental products and public water supplies.

Startling Facts About the Dangers of Fluoride

  • Close to half of all U.S. adolescents have fluorosis, a condition
    of the teeth marked by white spots or lines on the tooth enamel.
  • High levels of fluoride in community water supplies is the cause.
  • Over half of the U.S. water supply is treated with it.
  • One tube of fluoride toothpaste has enough of the chemical to actually kill a child.
  • Products that include the chemical are labeled with a poison warning and users are advised to seek medical help if too much is ingested. But wait, how much is too much?
  • Higher risk of brittle bones, bone fractures and bone abnormalities have been found to occur in those that are exposed to high doses, according to a study by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Other research has strongly suggested that cancer, neurotoxicity, and hormone problems may also be caused by high levels of fluoride ingestion.
  • Serious illnesses such as thyroid problems can also be caused by fluoridation, according to board-certified family physician, David Brownstein, M.D. and author of  The Natural Way to Health newsletter. He states,

“Fluoride poisons hundreds of enzymes in the body…Fluoridation of the water supply is associated with an increase of certain cancers and causes thyroid problems.”

Beyond the negative aspects, there seems to be little upside for long-term use. According to Dr. Brownstein, there are actually no studies that prove any real benefits.

How to Remove Fluoride from Drinking Water

If you use a public water utility, your local company can tell you if fluoride is added to the water supply.

If your water supply is treated, the best way to insure healthy drinking is to install a home filtration system. You will also benefit from the removal of other harmful chemicals and contaminants.

However, not all water filters can remove fluoride, so be sure to find one that specifically eliminates this chemical. One type that does is reverse osmosis filtration. You can also find countertop, undercounter and whole house water filters that meet various purification needs.

Additional tips to avoid exposure

  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly after brushing with toothpaste Also, monitor small children and makes sure they don’t swallow or use too much toothpaste. Better yet, find a natural toothpaste alternative that does not contain fluoride.
  • Baby’s formula should not be mixed with fluoridated water. Use fresh, filtered water.
  • Eat organic, fresh foods whenever possible to avoid the extra fluoride that is found in processed foods and meats. This helps to avoid exposure to sulfuryl fluoride, the most commonly used pesticide found in meat and dairy products due to animals ingesting the it.

As more health studies continue to indicate the negative impact on health and very little, if any, positive benefits, it is wise to avoid fluoride exposure as much as possible by following these common sense suggestions.

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