Shipping Container Survival Homes for Preppers, Survivalists and Smart Preparedness Freaks

Survival enthusiasts and preppers aren’t the only ones setting up shipping container homes to ensure that they have adequate, safe housing.

Since container homes and cabins can be quickly built and functional in a short time, a whole section of home building has been carved out by builders, architects, and DIYers.

Container homes are on the cutting edge of design and functionality, as well as providing a way for many homeowners to live in a variety of settings, including off-grid.

Shipping containers are growing in demand for use as survival homes because of their reputation as being almost indestructible and low cost to build. These types of homes or cabins are made out of rectangle cargo containers and are extremely durable because they are made of steel.

They’re manufactured strong enough to handle the rigors of global shipping and can endure grueling travel by truck over the road, cargo ship or modern train. They are easily transferred by forklifts from one transportation mode to the next and then placed on their land destination. They are transported from one point to another without the structure of the container generally suffering significant damage.

Obviously, a conventional home cannot withstand the kind of rigorous treatment a container house can simply because of the massive steel structure. Not only are containers built to withstand the rigors of transportation, they are also built to endure long periods of storage in a variety of environments.

shipping container survival homeCargo containers are designed to be used repeatedly over time and many have made numerous trips both on land or overseas. The structures can also be used in any climate because they’re typically resistant to the normal wear and tear of any given environment.

When repurposing containers into survival homes, the units are typically used as either short term bug out retreats or long term survival houses.

They can be retrofitted either as bug out shelters or made into a permanent dwelling which can withstand the serious fall-out from a global economic, social collapse or natural disaster.

It just depends on how a container structure is designed. It can be left in its natural state – which means it actually looks like a shipping container when completed; it can be retrofitted to look like a modern home; or it can actually be hidden or camouflaged.

The purpose of any container project is, of course, dependent on the goals of the survivalist, prepper or smart homeowner as well as the amount of money and effort a container buyer is willing to put into outfitting it. These types of survival homes can offer a lot of amenities rather cheaply and quickly.

Another benefit of using containers as safety or survival homes, is the fact that many of them can be turned into homes that are just as appealing and conventional looking as many traditional homes.

Kind in mind that any amenity that can be built into a conventional home structure can be designed into a container survival home…and that includes for the purpose of off-grid living. It only takes a DIYer mentality with adequate research and building skills (or the ability to outsource the project to your specs), to successfully complete a shipping container survival home project.

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