How to Choose the Perfect Pillow

perfect pillow

Did you know that sleeping on the perfect pillow can actually make a huge difference in whether or not you get a better night’s sleep?

It’s true. Sleeping with the best pillow for your own particular sleep style can actually help you rest better.

The perfect pillow not only enhances the quality of your sleep but it helps provide a healthy rest and revitalization during your sleep time.

On the other hand, a pillow that is not suited for you can cause health problems, disturb your sleep and make you less productive during the day.

Health issues such as neck, arm and shoulder pain or numbness, wheezing, sneezing, coughing and headaches can actually be complicated by the wrong pillow.

Dr. Andrew Hecht orthopaedic surgeon at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York states,

“A bad pillow won’t be the cause of any of these problems, but using the incorrect pillow can certainly exacerbate many of the underlying problems linked to these symptoms, and it certainly can keep you from getting a good night’s rest.”

A Perfect Pillow is Always a Fresh Pillow

Allergies, fibromyalgia and other chronic syndromes can be worsened as well, by sleeping on the wrong pillow, especially if it’s an older pillow that is past its usefulness.

Pillow material can typically collect dust mites, dead skin cells, fungi, mildew and mold. No wonder people with allergies are often feel worse upon awakening!

Periodically exchanging your old pillow for a new pillow is one way to avoid these health problems.

In fact, purchase a new pillow every 12 to 18 months…if your pillow is over a year and a half old, it’s time to get a new one!

Consider Your Sleep Style

Aside from purchasing a new pillow when needed, what else can you do to make sure you’re using the right pillow? Choosing the pillow that suits your sleep style is very important.

perfect pillowThe most important function a good pillow can do is to keep your head in the correct alignment while sleeping.

Chiropractors will tell you that it’s important to keep your head in ‘neutral alignment’ so that the head is not strained out of natural position forward or backward.

It should rest on your shoulders in a relaxed, neutral position. The right pillow for your body can do just that.

Since each person has his/her own style of sleep, it’s important to choose the perfect pillow to keep the head in alignment.

Remember these simple tips:

  • Stomach sleepers – If you generally sleep on your stomach, they you should select a flat, thin pillow, or perhaps use no pillow at all! Some people may even need to put a small pillow under their stomach to keep their spine aligned.
  • Back sleepers – People who sleep on their backs should choose somewhat thin pillows with an extra bit of thickness or loft in the bottom of the pillow. This will help provide support to the neck, while keep the head from being pushed forward.
  • Side sleepers – A thicker, firmer pillow is best for those who sleep on their sides. This provides support from the ear to the shoulders, and keep the neck in alignment while sleeping. This also keep the neck and shoulders from being stiff and sore the next morning.

Perfect Pillow Stuffing Material

Other issues to consider, of course, is the pilling or stuffing. There are many types such as:

  • Down fill pillows
  • Hypodown, latex pillows
  • Down alternative pillows
  • Wool or cotton.

One sleep expert suggests that each person should have a ‘pillow wardrobe’ from which to choose on any given day, since you may want to change pillows from time to time.

Perhaps one day you may need the extra support of a latex pillow because your neck and shoulders hurt. The next day you may feel fine and want to sleep on ultra luxury bedding like a goose down pillow.

When searching for that perfect pillow, remember to keep your particular sleep style and health needs in mind!

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