Non-Toxic Kitchen: Healthy, Green and Chemical Free

nontoxic kitchen

The necessity of creating a non-toxic kitchen in your home is of more importance that ever before. In fact, there is no other room in the contemporary home that is fraught with so many hidden areas of toxicity and health-related concerns as in the typical kitchen.

There are more toxic products, air pollutants, and hazardous materials used in this area of the home that are truly health hazards to the average family.

And surprisingly, this is the area where typical families perform their most important household exercise…preparing food!

Do You Have a Non-Toxic Kitchen?

While modern conveniences have made life much easier for contemporary home dwellers, they have also introduced a whole new set of problems.

Appliances, cookware, food service items, plastic packaging products, and conventional cleaners are just some of the products that need to be reconsidered.

Cabinets, kitchen furniture, countertops and flooring also often contribute to toxicity in this area of the home.

This is not to mention the problems with food, food preservation, eating a healthy diet and drinking clean, pure water.


The list could go on.

How to Create a Non-toxic Kitchen

You may wonder, Well, where do I start in creating a non-toxic kitchen?

The 3 best areas to begin with are:

  • Food selection
  • Food preparation
  • Water purification

Remember it takes time to make changes, so begin small by gradually choosing organic food replacements for prepackaged, preservative-laced nutrition.

Next, throw out Teflon cookware and switch to healthy pots and pans made from stainless steel, glass or cast iron.

Finally, make sure your drinking water is pure and clean. Install either a countertop drinking water purification system or a whole house filtration system that can tackle city water chemicals or well water impurities.

One small change at a time can dramatically transform any eating space into a non-toxic kitchen that can replenish the body with the nutrients it needs to operate at optimum health.

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