New Book Release: The Backyard Food Factory

Today is the release of my new book, The Backyard Food Factory: How to Design, Build & Grow an Organic Garden in Small Spaces for Big Harvests. If you’re interested, you can download a FREE copy today only for your Kindle.

You’ll learn how to turn your backyard garden into a literal FOOD FACTORY even if you have limited space…no matter where you live.

The Backyard Food Factory Amazon BookIn fact, you can grow enough vegetables and fruits to feed your family, plus have enough left over to share with your neighbors.

All you need to do is use the best methods of compact vegetable gardening to create your very own high yielding, low maintenance backyard garden that will churn out delicious vegetables.

The best part is, that this book is perfect for the beginner who wants to learn backyard gardening methods, for the intermediate grower who wants to pick up some new cutting edge garden skills or for the experienced gardener who might learn a thing or two about streamlined vegetable gardening systems.

No need to make it so complicated.

This is what you’ll discover in The Backyard Food Factory:

  • Plan your backyard garden
  • Lay out a compact garden
  • Choose right type garden beds for your environment
  • Build in-ground, basin, or raised beds
  • Prepare perfect soil
  • Grow plants like a pro
  • Make compost
  • Make Nontoxic Pesticide Recipes
  • Plant with Block Style Garden Layout
  • Plant with Square Food Garden Layout
  • And much more

So, head on over to Amazon and DOWNLOAD FREE TODAY my newest book, The BACKYARD FOOD FACTORY. And if you like it, I’d appreciate a review 🙂


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