Natural Cosmetics: A Healthier Choice – Video

For good reasons to choose natural, non-toxic cosmetics, view this informative and entertaining video that explains the full story of the personal care products industry.

Learn the Real  Story of Cosmetics

Natural cosmetics are becoming a must-have for people who value their health and safety even more than their personal beauty and skincare concerns!

In the past, many organic makeup brands and non-toxic cosmetic products were simply not as efficient as their chemical based counterparts.  Today, however, it’s relatively easy to find toxic free brands that are high quality, efficient and safe.

There is now a wide variety of organic, natural, gluten-free, chemical free, safe brands available that can replace conventional, more toxic brands. Of course, personal care items are just that: personal. So, not every product is good for everyone, even if it’s labeled  “all natural” or “organic.”

For instance, some people cannot tolerate the fragrances that are common with natural products. So, it pays to do your research, even if you’re going to use healthier cosmetics.

So, why use natural cosmetics?

The short answer is that women daily use up to 12 cosmetic and skincare products and men typically use up to 6 products a day. Each conventional beauty or skincare product contains approximately 12 or more chemicals.

Some of the chemicals added are neurotoxins, reproductive toxins and carcinogens, already proven by some research to cause a variety of health issues from cancer to neurological malfunctions.

Hmmm. Maybe those are good reasons!

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