Natural Carpet: A Safer Alternative Floor Covering

All natural carpet is a safer alternative to conventional carpeting for many people who prefer a nontoxic floor. However, you’ve probably already found that truly safe, toxic free carpeting is very hard to find.

In fact, technically, it could be assumed that there really is no such thing as truly allergy free, nontoxic carpet, even though there are some low voc carpet choices available.

There are so many allergies and sensitivities from which many people suffer, that it’s difficult to simply state whether not a certain type of flooring is really natural and allergy free for everyone.

Is There Really Any Natural Carpet?

On the one hand, certain types of carpeting may not cause allergic reactions in some people, while the same product may make others extremely sick.

But for the sake of reference, this article will address natural carpet in terms of free from chemicals and less likely to harbor dust mites, mold, mildew or other irritants.

About Synthetic Carpet Fibers

Up until the 1950’s, all carpet or tufted fibers used for floor coverings was produced from 100% cotton material or natural wool, and was naturally free from heavy chemicals or extremely toxic color dyes.

However, during the 1950’s when petrochemicals were first introduced, most carpet manufacturers turned to the synthetic production of fibers such as polyester, nylon, acrylic and other materials that were derivatives of cheaper, abundant petrochemicals.

Since that time, the evolution of synthetic fibers for carpeting has caused most products to be laced with chemicals that off-gas noxious fumes for a very long time, even after installation.

Also, most carpet fibers today are breeding grounds for dust mites and mold, unless of course, they are doused sufficiently with antimicrobial chemicals to keep them pest free.

Dust mites, however, easily find places to snuggle into thick carpeting and carpet padding. It’s very difficult for those who have serious dust allergies to be healthy in a house filled with carpeting.

Considering that most carpet today is certainly not natural, what should you do if you really want to cover your floor with safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic carpet?

Best Choice for Natural Carpet

Happily, there are a few companies that specialize in producing safe, natural carpet for those who have serious allergies, chemical sensitivities to conventional carpeting or for those who simply want a natural floor covering.

This type of carpet is generally chemical free. It is pure wool carpet that is produced completely from lamb’s wool without any additional synthetic fibers.

There are many pluses to using natural wool carpeting in homes where the occupant(s) either suffers from allergies to synthetic materials or for those who simply want maintain very healthy indoor air quality.

Wool is also a good fiber for mold control and for inhibiting mildew growth. However, even in the case of nontoxic, chemical free wool carpeting, you still run the risk of harboring dust mites.

In actuality, if you suffer from a serious case of dust mite allergies or other types of allergies or sensitivities, it is usually the best practice to avoid any type of carpet in your environment.

For those who feel they can tolerate a safe alternative to conventional carpeting in their homes, the best choice is an all natural carpet that is produced completely free from from chemicals and synthetic fibers.

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