Low Voc Carpet: A Solution for Health Conscious Carpet Lovers

Low voc carpet has become available only in the last few years in answer to consumer requests for healthy, green building materials.

Poor indoor air quality is proven to be a result, in part, to toxic, high voc carpeting that is typically manufactured with pesticides, dyes, fungicides, fire retardants and anti-stain coatings.

A multitude of health symptoms such as allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses are related to high levels of voc fumes emitted from carpeting.low voc carpet

What is Low Voc Carpet?

Low voc carpet is manufactured with less chemicals than conventional carpeting. No voc carpet is another product that includes absolutely NO volitale organic compounds in the production of this type of flooring. But carpet that is low voc will still contain some chemicals, however to a lesser degree.

The Carpet and Rug Institute located in Dalton, GA now offers their eco-friendly certification for low voc carpet brands. Carpet companies that voluntarily adhere to green standards in the production of green carpet, low voc adhesives and low voc padding for carpet installation can earn the Green Label Plus Seal of approval.

This gives consumers further assurance that the carpeting and installation products are tested and certified to meet high standards for healthier indoor air quality.

Is Low Voc Carpet Really Non Toxic?

Meeting the CRI’s Green Label Plus requirements is a positive for anyone wanting to go green in their home.

However, keep in mind that even though the indoor air quality requirements are certainly better than for typical carpet, low voc carpeting is not completely without chemical toxins.

low voc carpetFor many green enthusiasts, Green Label Plus certified products may be safe enough for their green home.

For others, choosing no voc, non-toxic carpeting is a must for healthier home.

The only no voc carpet on the market that is truly chemical free, is material that is manufactured from 100% wool without additives, dyes, flame retardants and pesticides.

Wool is naturally flame resistant and resists dust mites. It is quite expensive compared to other types of carpeting.

However, for those who really must have that soft feeling under their feet, no voc wool carpet is the only truly chemical free choice.

Top Carpet Brands that are Low Voc

The following low voc brands carry the Green Label Plus seal:

  • Smartstrand from Mohawk
  • Everstrand from Mohawk
  • Philedelphia carpet from Shaw Industries
  • In the City by Tuftex from Shaw Industries

Each brand has varying degrees of voc levels, but are within the Green Label Plus requirements. This is not an endorsement of these products, but they are a few low voc carpet choices for those who want to explore green building solutions for better indoor air quality.

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