Is the Paleo Diet Exclusively Low Carb?

is paleo diet low carb

Some of the most commonly asked questions about the Paleo diet is whether or not it’s a low carb diet. And, if so, is that the reason it works so well for weight loss, muscle training and other health goals? There are certainly similarities between the two diets, but the Paleo diet is not exclusively low carb like some other eating systems.

Paleo Diet Can Be Tailored to Individual Goals

The reality is that it very much depends on the individual. Some people who follow this particular diet don’t avoid carbs in the traditional sense. So, it isn’t accurate to say categorically that it’s completely low carb.

The similarities with a low carb diet, however, are that the Paleo philosophy advocates that followers eat foods that are high in protein, fruits, vegetables and seafood. Plus, this method encourages people to avoid eating processed foods, dairy, legumes, starches and other foods that can traditionally be associated with carbs.

However, many Paleo enthusiasts are also quite active and heavily involved in various fitness programs, which typically require them to increase their consumption of protein. In order for their bodies to properly break down extra protein, they generally need some level of carbs in their diet to assist their kidneys and liver in functioning at proper levels.

Paleo Is Not Completely Low Carb

This is why it’s difficult to categorize the Paleo diet as completely low carb. This diet system is by no means a one size fits all that requires precise amounts of specific types of food to be effective. Rather, it focuses on:

  • Avoiding food types that may cause the body to struggle in breaking down foods for the body’s best nutritional benefits
  • Clean eating which detoxes, strengthens and supports the body for better health

So, while it’s true that the Paleo system often manifests itself as a low carb diet, it’s only because of similarities in some of the foods chosen. It really depends on the person’s physical and nutritional goals. That’s one reason eating Paleo is so popular with diverse groups of people.

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