How to Make Self Watering Containers or Grow Buckets

Making self watering containers, also known as grow buckets, is an easy, smart way to create a container garden that yields a wicked amount of produce in a small space.

Whether it’s on your backyard patio, in a greenhouse or in a larger garden spot, using self watering containers is the preference of many home gardeners.

Once you get the grow buckets set up with this self watering system, you literally can set and (almost :)) forget it, until it’s time to harvest your vegetables.

It’s relatively inexpensive and doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge to make your own self watering gardening system that you can rely on.

How to Make Grow Buckets

Get the instructions here from our featured article about how to make DIY grow buckets. It’s a simple method that offers big rewards when used correctly.

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