How to Choose the Best Allergy Free Pillows for Good Health

best allergy free pillows

There are many types of allergy free pillows available to allergy sufferers which can provide relief from irritations as well as offer supreme comfort at night.

Different allergies may require a different pillow and just because a pillow may be natural does not necessarily mean that it is a hypoallergenic pillow.

So it’s important that allergy sufferers be aware of what type of bedding accessory will provide relief from irritating allergies.

Allergy Free Pillow Options

Here are some of the best allergy free pillows available to allergy sufferers as well as to those who simply want a more healthy pillow on which to sleep.

Organic Cotton Pillow

An organic cotton pillow is a very natural, safe choice for many people to sleep on because 100% natural organic cotton is one of the most hypoallergenic fibers on which to sleep.

An organic cotton pillow is made from pure cotton that is produced without chemicals or other synthetic substances. Also, natural cotton is the most breathable fiber available for bedding accessories. A cotton pillow is generally made with all cotton filling and covered with pure cotton.

Natural Latex Pillow

A natural latex pillow is the pillow of choice for many people who suffer from dust allergies since latex is naturally resistant to dust mites. The dense latex cells in the material make it impossible for dust mites to thrive which keeps natural latex pillows free from dust mites. Also, latex pillows are naturally anti microbial which makes the material more resistant to mold and mildew. A Talalay latex pillow is often the most comfortable and can be found in various grades of firmness. These sleep accessories are generally covered in an all cotton material.

You can also find pillows that are filled with shredded latex for the feeling of down fill, but with the better firmness quality of latex. Many people find these pillows very comfortable, yet supportive to the head and neck. These are also generally covered in 100% cotton.

Hypodown Pillows

While some down fill pillows may trigger an allergic reponse in some people who have sensitivities to feather, the newer hypodown pillows have been designed to guaranteed to be allergy free for many years. The best allergy free down pillows are filled primarily with white goose down fill that is naturally hypoallergenic.

Hypodown pillows provide supreme comfort and several grades of firmness so that it’s not hard to find just the right one. They are covered with a 100% cotton covering.

Down Alternative Pillows

Down alternative pillows are very popular among those who really don’t want to sleep on true down fill, but love the comfort that it brings. Keep in mind, however, that down alternative material is a synthetic fiber that is generally produced from petrochemicals and other materials.

Some people who have certain allergies find relief from sleeping on down alternative pillows, while other may find that they are irritated by the synthetic material used to make the product. Many down alternative pillows are covered in a combination fabric such as cotton and polyester.

Other Allergy Free Pillow Choices

There are several other fills used for hypoallergenic pillows such as:

  • buckwheat hulls
  • silk
  • sheep’s wool
  • alpaca wool

Also, some pillows are made with combination materials such as a latex core and cotton batting.

Before you choose your pillow, be sure to get your doctor’s advice if you suffer from serious allergies. Also, if you simply want to sleep on a natural, nontoxic pillow, be sure to compare the many types of allergy free pillows that are also organic and chemical free.

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