How to Choose Quality Furniture for the Natural Bedroom

how to choose quality furniture

If you’re in the market for quality furniture for your natural bedroom, you probably are wondering how to choose the best for your money as well as for your health. There are not only many designs and styles available, but there are also differing levels of quality.

Obviously, a good piece of furniture will cost more than a cheaper one, but then again, it will also last longer. In fact, some furniture for the bedroom is actually an investment, if you use smart buying tips to choose the best quality.

Natural Bedroom Furniture Tips

Here are two important things to look for when shopping for furniture that will end up in your bedroom.

Look for Quality Materials

First, choose furniture that is built from good quality material. Some people simply look at a design they like and make a choice based on first glance, rather than really checking it out. For good quality bedroom furniture, be sure to choose solid wood. It’s a good idea to choose hardwood such as oak, maple, walnut or cherry. Hardwoods resist scratching and denting, and last much longer than cheaper materials such as wood composites, chipped board, or plastics.

Furniture grade plywood is also used in a lot of furniture construction as well. Even though this is better than particle board or MDF, it is still not solid wood and generally doesn’t offer the best quality.

Another important benefit of choosing solid wood construction for furniture is because it contributes to a healthier home. There is less VOC offgassing with pure wood products. Plywood, particle board or MDF is loaded with a variety of noxious chemicals such as glues and synthetic products which can compromise good indoor air quality in your bedroom.

Solid wood products, on the other hand, contribute to better IAQ because of less toxic offgassing. Generally, quality solid wood furniture is stained or painted and has very little toxic glue used in construction. In fact, there are even some eco furniture brands that use no VOC, natural finishes that are healthy alternatives.

Other materials that are inert, such as metal, are also good choices for durable, healthy furniture in a natural bedroom.

Green materials such as bamboo, reclaimed wood, recycled plastics and even paper are used for furniture and hailed as “green”. Some are quality, but keep in mind that green does not always mean nontoxic. So, if you want to create a naturally, healthy bedroom, you will need to avoid certain furniture products that may contain synthetic chemicals in their production.

If you aren’t sure about certain materials, always ask questions and do the proper research before buying.

Look for Quality Construction

If you’re going to invest in good furniture, it’s best to know how to spot quality natural bedroom furnitureconstruction techniques. You can actually determine the quality level by checking the drawers of furniture pieces.

If the interior drawer corners are dovetailed, meaning notched and fitted together at the joints, then the quality is better.

This type of construction makes each corner stronger. This has been a standard of fine furniture for years, as is evidenced in many antique pieces.

Today, some furniture pieces are simply straight cut with a saw and clued, then stapled at the joints.

This is a much easier and cheaper way for companies to construct furniture. But it’s also not as sturdy and lowers the quality level.

Be sure to check out the type of wood for any furniture piece that interests you, as well as to make sure that it is well constructed. If you want quality workmanship in furniture that will last a lifetime and furniture that is right for your healthy, natural bedroom, these tips can really help you spend your money wisely.

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