How to Build a DIY Platform Bed From Recycled Wood Pallets

Do you need a DIY platform bed frame because you just need to save money? And, how about doing a little repurposing while you’re at it? Then, here’s easy instructions to build your own platform bed from recycled wood pallets.

This particular DIY platform bed project is great for beginners who want to experiment with this popular wood medium.  It doesn’t require taking apart the pallets for use. Simply prepare and attach. Done!

About Wood Pallets

First, however, there a few things you need to know about wood pallets before choosing what you need. Be sure to select wood pallets that are not damp, smelly, oily or stained with chemicals. The newer the pallets the better, since obviously they’ll be cleaner.

Also, be sure to choose pallets that have the initials “HT” stamped on each one. This means they were heated treated rather than chemically treated. These are much safer for building purposes for indoor furniture. You can either find some by checking with your local stores and possibly getting them free. Or, you can sometimes buy them from pallet companies if you want new ones.

What you’ll need:

8 pallets of the same size

Electric sander

Electric drill with bit

Brackets and screws

Paint and sealer

Step-by-Step Instructions for DIY Platform Bed

Step 1:

Clean all the pallets, scrubbing with liquid bleach, soap and water; pressure washing them clean. Let them dry completely before starting your project.wood pallet bed frame

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

Step 2:

When dry, use the electric sander to smooth all the wood areas that you can reach, taking care to also sand the edges till all is smooth. It’s takes approximately 15 minutes to sand each pallet.wood pallet project

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

Step 3:

Now it’s time to paint and seal the pallets. If you’re going for the shabby chic, rustic look, it won’t take much paint to cover the wood. Use a brush if you’re going for this look. If you want to completely cover the wood with paint for a smoother look, you can use a sprayer which will cover much faster. It’s really up to you as to your design platform bed frame

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

Step 4:

After the paint dries, you can spray a finish like polyurethane on all the pallets to protect the paint and ensure long lasting beauty. If you want to go nontoxic, you can use a clear hard sealer from AFM Safecoat Company to cover and protect your no VOC paint for a great finish.wood pallet bed

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

Step 5:

Put the first layer of 4 pallets flat on the floor of the bedroom where you want to position the bed. Use the electric drill to create holes to attach braces  with screws where the pallets touch together at the corners. This will keep it the pallets secure.

Then, stack the next layer of 4 pallets on top and continue adding the braces for stability. Use only the amount of braces you actually need, so that it can easily be taken apart in case you want to move the bed.wood pallet ideas

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

Step 6:

Finish up with a straight 10″ bracket vertically on all four corners, connecting the bottom and top layers of pallets.pallet wood projects

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

Step: 7

And there you have it…your DIY platform bed! Now, all you need is a mattress or futon to place on top, decorate and platform bed

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

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