How to Avoid Hotel Bed Bugs – Video

Watch this video to learn how to avoid hotel bed bugs no matter where your travel destination.

Did you know that incidents of hotel bed bugs are becoming more prevalent all across the world? You won’t just find them in third world countries or area where sanitation is a problem.

You may be shocked to find these little critters underneath the sheets of a 5 star hotel in the most upscale area of Malibu Beach, California.

The National Pest Management Association states that calls about bed bugs have risen 71% since 2001. The increase is likely due to the changes in pesticide use, more travel, and less awareness of the problem.

Since the ban on DDT, bed bugs have had not a serious threat of extinction and are making a comeback in unlikely places.

Hotels that are clean are just as likely to experience an infestation as much as those that have poor management, because bed bugs are brought in by hotels guests.

Travel expert Anne Banas of SmarterTravel says,

“It’s definitely something to worry about, but it’s not something that you can control. They’re very tiny, they’re very hard to spot. You can’t prevent it 100 percent. There’s just no way.”

The American Hotel & Lodging Association assures lodgers that the increase in hotel bed bugs has not had a major impact on most lodging establishments.

They also point to increased hotel staff awareness, proper bed bug extermination techniques and constant room checks as ways to avoid bed bugs in hotels.

But in the end, it’s always up to the traveler to be vigilant, smart and know how to avoid bed bugs since these pests can come home with you as unwelcome guests!

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