Home EMF Safety: What You Can Do to Reduce Electrosmog Dangers at Home

Home EMF Safety Steps

There are important EMF safety steps that anyone can take to reduce the overload of harmful Electrosmog in just about any living space, whether it’s a new home construction or your current living area.

Of course, you will get the best safety benefits if you take precautions during a new construction or home improvement project simply because it’s easier to address safety measures earlier rather than try to remediate a problem later.

The heightened exposure to electromagnetic fields in modern life has made it important to deal with EMFs for your health’s sake, especially as it relates to new home construction and remodeling. Electrical pollution is considered a real health risk to the body just like any other toxin, because EMFs have been proven to interfere with health at the cellular level.

According to Michael R. Neuert, EMF Consulting of EMFinfo.org,

“A wide variety of occupational studies have linked EMFs to cancer in adults. In some laboratory studies, human cancer cells exposed to high EMFs grew significantly faster than unexposed cancer cells. Well over a thousand research studies have documented important biological effects related to EMF exposure.”

A variety of other health issues such as autoimmune diseases, leukemia, fibromyalgia, and sleep problems have also been attributed to EMF exposures.

William Rea, MD, Founder and Director of the Environmental Health Center, Dallas and Past President, American Academy of Environmental Medicine states,

“Sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation is the emerging health problem of the 21st century.  It is imperative health practitioners, governments, schools and parents learn more about it. The human health stakes are significant”.

Obviously, this is a separate healthy building topic in itself, but there are some important basic construction tips that can help you avoid EMFs before your home is complete.

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2 Important Areas to Lower EMFs in Your Home Interior

Two major areas to address are smart meters and the sleep areas of your home.

Smart Meters

Smart meters are increasingly being installed in place of the old analog meters for the sake of efficiency and ease of use. However, they are notorious for emitting high levels of radiation.

Daniel Hirsch, a lecturer and expert in nuclear policy at University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC), has written a report that reveals smart meters emit 160 times more cumulative whole body exposure than cell phones. He states that:

“The cumulative whole body exposure from a Smart Meter at 3 feet appears to be approximately two orders of magnitude higher than that of a cell phone, rather than two orders of magnitude lower.”

If you can keep an analog meter, that’s the best. But most electric companies are installing smart meters, so in order to avoid the inherent health dangers you should:

  • Install a smart meter shield between the home and meter (Smart meter shields can be purchased at companies like Smart Meter Guard and provide superior electromagnetic shielding to occupants inside the home.)
  • Request that the smart meter be installed as far from the bedrooms and below floor level, if possible.


EMFs occur from a variety of wireless and electrical sources besides the smart meter, so it’s important to do what can be done to reduce them. The most important rooms in a new construction to address the dangers of emfs are the bedrooms. Here’s what you can do to significantly lessen EMF exposure while you sleep.

  • Put the wires inside pipes in the wall cavity to eliminate ‘dirty electricity’ from coming through the walls
  • Install a radiant barrier (a tough type of aluminum foil) within new walls or rebuilt wall cavities to block EMFs
  • Install electrical outlets 3-6 feet from beds, if possible
  • Do not place wireless receivers in the bedroom area

These are just two basic, but very important areas of construction in which you can significantly lower exposure to EMFs in your home when building or remodeling. Some of these safety measures can also be applied even if you just want to lower exposure to EMFs in your current dwelling without major remodeling. While there are other issues regarding EMF exposure in everyday life, these are two great places to start that will effectively lower the danger to human health.

If you’re concerned about current levels of EMF emissions in your home space, you can pick up an EMF home testing device that can help you determine where or if there are any harmful levels of electrical or magnetic forces within your home.

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