What Is the Healthiest Type of House Foundation?

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Q:  What Is the Healthiest Type of House Foundation? 

A: Four basic types of foundations are used in home construction: basement, crawlspace, slab and pier. Each can be constructed in a healthy way and if maintained correctly, each can be fine for a healthy home design.

When building any foundation, certain issues should always be considered:

  • Moisture control, both humidity and liquid water, which can cause mold problems
  • Energy efficiency, which affects condensation and heating/cooling costs
  • Termite control that is safe and toxic free
  • Construction materials that are healthy
  • Radon, which is a naturally occurring common health hazard

Even though all foundations can be made safe and healthy, the pier foundation is the safest and easiest to build for healthy home construction. The separation of the house from the soil allows for natural circulation and makes it much more difficult for moisture, radon, mold or termites to get into the living area. Pier foundations are more typically used in hotter climates with high humidity or on mountains or hillside areas. They can be a good choice for healthy home construction and can be designed to fit nicely on a flat lot as well.

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