Green Travel Packing Tips: Less is More

Green travel packing tips can come in quite handy, especially when one of the most burdensome aspects of getting ready for a trip is the art of packing.

While some people are quite adept at packing, others may not do it very often and really don’t know how to pack the right way to get the most out of carrying less.

Smart packing is not so much about how much you can take, but how little you can take in order to enjoy a less cumbersome travel experience.

Keep in mind the number one green travelrule of thumb: When packing for a trip, less is more!

Travel Packing Tips for the Green Traveler

Here are some tips to help you pack smarter and enjoy your trip more:green travel packing tips

Make a short travel list of what you really need

Have you packed for a trip and when you got to your destination, realized that you overpacked? You end up not using half of what you took, but you had to carry all that luggage around with you for nothing. The hassle isn’t worth all the extra baggage problems.

If you’re getting ready to take an extended vacation, begin early to plan what you need to take…perhaps a month ahead of time. Start jotting down a short packing list of what you actually need to take with you.

Remember, write down only what you really will need. Items such as personal toiletries, particular sports clothes or other equipment, and any other necessary items should be jotted down. If you have any health related necessities, be sure to include them as well.

Select your clothes in matching sets for easy packing

Rather than packing everything you think you will need for every event you will attend, simply put together 3 or 4 sets of clothing that can be mixed and matched throughout the whole time you are there. Choose clothes that are wrinkle free, or that can be packed in such a way as to end up with less wrinkles. You can always take a travel iron, but remember, your goal is a hassle free stay.

For example, if you need slacks, dresses, and tank tops, then select a 5 piece outfit that can be mixed at will. For women, perhaps one pair of slacks, one skirt and three various colored matching tanks. For men, two pair of slacks, one jacket and 3 shirts is a good rule. In essence, you really have 3 different days of outfits in one set of clothing. This will work for both men and women.

Remember, travel light!

Pack smart

Here are some great packing tips for clothing that will help you get the most out of your luggage and cut back on taking so many pieces.

•  Soft backed luggage – Soft backed luggage is best for packing lots of items. It expands and provides a less rigid area in which to stuff things.

•  Roll clothes – When you pack any of your clothes, roll them, instead of packing them flat. This will cause less wrinkles when you’re ready to wear them, plus you can get a lot more in less space by rolling all your clothes.

•  Travel case for jewelry – A tip for packing jewelry is to include a travel case for jewelry that is made specifically for trips. These jewelry travel pouches can be rolled as well, and fit neatly in between clothes in any duffle bag or suitcase. Some are made with anti-tarnish lining to keep your jewelry safe and protected while traveling.

You will be surprised at how much more you will enjoy your trip if you pack less, plan more and have a smaller amount of luggage to carry your clothing, jewelry and personal items from place to place. Be smart. Plan well. Enjoy more!

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