Green Pest Control: Eco-friendly Pest Control Solutions

Green Pest Control

Spending quality time in your back yard during summer is a privilege only those living in houses can enjoy. However, there’s one thing that can ruin this experience: an invasion of pests. They can attack your deck, your patio, your land and you as well, completely destroying everything in their way. It doesn’t really matter whether you have a problem with bugs, mosquitoes, slugs or ants, you have to fight them to protect your home space.

Here are some of the most effective eco-friendly pest control solutions:

Top Natural Green Pest Control Options

If you want to get rid of pests, but don’t want to use harsh and harmful chemicals, opt for natural, green pest control solutions. And what’s more natural than oil from flowers, trees and fruit?

Cedar oil, for instance, effectively repels all sorts of insects, most notably fleas and mosquitoes, but it can handle cockroaches and other bugs as well. Moreover, you can treat your cats and dogs with it, too, and help them fight off fleas more easily.

On the other hand, citronella oil is used for making outdoor candles and, once you light up one of these on your deck, you can be sure that there’ll be no mosquitoes bothering you. If you’re not a fan of outdoor candles, just squeeze a handful of lemongrass into a bowl and you’ll get a few drops of this oil to rub onto your arms and legs. It has a pleasant smell that will definitely bother the bugs that are trying to ruin your outdoor time.

Not Just Any Pesticide

For people who don’t like alternative green pest control options or just want to manage their problems as soon as possible, using pesticides and chemicals is the most common solution. These products have been proven to be successful over and over again, so you might feel there’s nothing wrong with using them. However, not all pesticides are healthy for use and some can actually harm the environment around you more than pests, themselves.

If you decide to use pesticides, make sure you choose only the high-quality, less toxic products that are safer for both humans and the environment. Only this way will you be certain that your problem is taken care of properly, but also that there’s less harm done to your garden or your pets. That’s why an increasing number of professionals, as these Gold Coast pest control experts, for instance, tailor their services in full compliance with environmentally-sound policies and practices. Don’t worry – even the safest of green pesticides can still help you control your spiders, ants, fleas, cockroaches and other pests, but in a much safer way than any conventional brands and products ever could.

Green Pest Control with Your Solar Energy

A number of gardens and back yards are equipped with solar panels, solar string lights and lamps, so why not put them to good use? This is a new field for most, but it can definitely help you solve your problems in just a few easy steps. All you need is the new types of green pest control products that run on solar power – the power is collected above the ground, but the actual work is done beneath it.

With a movable spike that shakes and vibrates from time to time, this device scares away the some common pests living underneath your garden or back yard. It’s most popular with people who have problems with moles, rats, rabbits or snakes, but it can handle other pests as well.

Using Insects to Fight Insects

Not many people know that some insects are actually the best way to get rid of other insects – it’s all about the natural selection! If you manage to use it to your advantage, you’ll get visible results in no time. Some of the most famous beneficial insects are earwigs, assassin bugs and soldier beetles. They can kill more harmful pests than you can imagine.

Since these predators feed on other insects, you should purchase a large number of these and simply release them into your pest-infested garden. On the other hand, you can plant certain flowers and plants that attract them, thus providing a favorable habitat for these beneficial insects, thus letting nature take its course.

Other Alternative Pest Control Methods

Some of the other ideas you could look into include catching and relocating unwanted visitors such as mice, rats, skunks or snakes, inviting birds into your back yard so that they could eliminate insects, or removing pests by simply washing your plants more often.

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