What Is Green Living?

what is green living

Green living is simply an extension of healthy living principles applied to your and your family’s daily life. It is a lifestyle that promotes good health and creates a healthier environment for everyone.

There are many good reasons to live green, natural, organic and eco friendly. The best place to start is in your home environment and with your personal health.

A green lifestyle encompasses where you live, what you eat, and what you purchase. This includes pest control products, cleaning solutions, the paint on your walls, furniture, lawn and garden pesticides, laundry chemicals, and personal care items.

Techniques of energy and water conservation, lawn and garden care as well as how you camp and enjoy any form of recreation are also important if you want to go green.

Bottom line?

It’s about cleaning up your home, office and personal environment from common chemicals that lace many everyday products, so that you and your family live a healthy lifestyle that has a long-lasting positive effect on your health and environment!

Benefits of Green Living

There are many benefits to going green:

  • Preventive care – If you eat, drink, live, work and play healthy, then a plethora of medical studies have shown that you can avoid many diseases, both hereditary and environmentally induced, by practicing good preventive care.
  • Saves money – Yes, you can actually save money by adopting a simple natural, non-toxic lifestyle. While it’s true that some organic, non-toxic products may cost a bit more in the short term, in the long run, your benefits of better health will help you avoid doctor’s bills and other expensive lifestyle adjustments. You can also save money at the end of the month on your household’s energy bill, water bill, cleaning supplies, pesticide treatments and a host of other things.
  • Easy to do – Most people assume that going green is hard to do. Actually, much of how your grandparents and great-grandparents lived was closer to green living than most people live today…and they didn’t even know it! That’s not to say that you have to give up all the modern conveniences available. Living green is not about ‘giving up stuff’, but about making small, fun changes to your everyday living that can add up to big payoffs over time.
  • Improves the environment – Cleaning up your personal space automatically promotes cleaning up the planet by replacing or reducing toxins that impact the environment. One thing to remember however: All green products and practices, while being possibly ‘earth friendly’, may not always be human friendly!

The goal here is to green up our lifestyle, with only one of the by products a ‘greener’, sustainable environment.

Start Living Green: But Where to Begin?

Don’t make it so hard! Really! If you’ve decided you want to live healthier and greener, take baby steps in getting started. It will hardly be noticeable if you do.

Organic Food

The best place to start living green is with your food.

Try to interchange 1 or 2 of the most often consumed food products with organic food items. That’s not so hard to do! If you eat a lot of sports bars, why not find an organic bar that you and your family love. Buy it in bulk, so it’s always on hand.

Then, maybe try replacing a favorite meat with the organic version. It’s easy to purchase organic beef or chicken both online and locally grown. Before you know it, you will eventually replace most of your kitchen stock with an organic variety that is healthier and way more tasty!

Also, don’t forget to cook with healthy, green cookware such as stainless steel, cast iron pans or glass cookware. Teflon and other nonstick chemicals are a no-no because of the chemical off-gassing. Your body and your pet bird will thank you! (Fumes from Teflon can actually kill a canary!)

Nontoxic Home Cleaning Products

Another easy place to begin is with non-toxic cleaning supplies that can either be made yourself or purchased. These products should have no chemicals and are often made from natural, organic materials that are easily bio-degradable. They are also safe for babies and children.

Advanced Green Living Changes

As you progress in cleaning up your personal environment, you may want to address things such as your indoor air quality, energy and water conservation, composting, organic gardening, non-toxic building supplies and more.

As you grow accustomed to cleaning up your space, you will be surprised at how much better you feel. Allergy specialists suggest that many allergies can be alleviated by choosing organic, allergy free bedding and other natural, non-toxic household products.

Remember, the benefits of green living far outweigh the simple adjustments to your lifestyle that may be required.

Go green. Be well!

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