Green Accommodation: Going Green Offers Many Benefits to Business Owners

green accommodationIf you run a hotel, lodge, motel, resort or any other accommodation business, it’s always a smart idea to go green. There are many reasons why you should consider making such a step but the most prominent ones are improved number of customers, lower costs and protection of the environment. Here are some simple ways you can green up your business.

Save Water

Saving water is not only good for Mother Earth but it will also save you a lot of money. One of the best ways to do this is by installing low-flow toilets and shower heads, and purchasing aerators for your faucets. Good aerators can reduce water waste for about a half, and low-flow toilets save even more. They use 2 gallons of water per flush compared to 5 to 7 gallons the old toilets use. With this you can save more than 10.000 gallons per year! Also, pay attention to any leaks and get them fixed as soon as possible. Encourage your staff and guests to report any problems with fixtures, thus including them in your eco-friendly policy.

Reuse Towels and Bed Sheets

This is another good way to save water, electricity and time. Allow your customers to choose when they want their towels and sheets replaced, and explain how they can save environment by reusing linen. Inform them about the kind of business you run and most of your guests will happily go with it.

Save Energy

If you want to lower your monthly bills and be eco-friendly, focus on saving energy. Use natural light as much as possible, because it’s not only the healthiest, but it’s also the greenest option. When needed, use LEDs. They use less electricity, last much longer and are safer for the environment than the regular incandescent ones. Install light dimmers and sensors for extra saving. Inform and educate your employees and guests to turn off the lights and heating/cooling systems when they don’t need them. You can also install window films to reduce energy loss and close drapes during the hot summer days.

Look for Energy Star

Choose kitchen appliances, air-conditioners, computers, electronics and lighting that are Energy Star. They usually operate with 20-30% less energy than conventional appliances and are more efficient. Work towards replacing all your outdated appliances with new, energy efficient options.

Buy in Bulk

Buy hygiene products, food, drinks, beds and linen in bulks. This way, not only will you pay less for these products, but you will save time, fuel on delivery, and materials for packaging. Also, try to reuse cardboard boxes and plastic bags to reduce costs and the amount of trash.

Choose the Right Mattress

This is another great way to save money and environment. Mattresses are bulky and easily fill out the landfill, plus it takes over 20 years for them to decompose. You can buy recycled or sustainably produced bed frames and mattresses or get new quality ones. When buying new beds, consider the top-rated mattresses, as they will last longer and save you money in the long run. The longer they look and feel new, the less waste and expenses you’ll have, so choose wisely.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Recycle everything you can, especially kitchen, dining room and guest room waste. Encourage your staff and guests to recycle by putting up recycling baskets for different materials and reward them for their effort. Buy recycled products and office supplies or look for furniture made of recycled materials.

Today, both business owners and customers are embracing green technology and eco-friendly ways. This is not only good for the planet but it’s also great for accommodation businesses because it saves money and time. Making your hotel or motel green is a great way for you and you guest to join hands and protect our Earth together.

Lillian Connors

If one thing is true about Lillian Connors, her mind is utterly curious. That’s why she can’t resist the urge to embark on a myriad of home improvement projects and spread the word about them. As the Co-editor of Smooth Decorator, she cherishes the notion that sustainable housing and gardening will not only make us far less dependent on others regarding the dwellings we inhabit, but also contribute to our planet being a better place to live on.

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