Eco-Friendly Shower Heads: Eco Options to Green Your Bathroom

Eco-Friendly Shower Heads

It’s commonly believed that showers are far more eco-friendly than baths but that’s not necessarily true for every household. While a standard bath uses around 80 litres of water, 8-minute shower can use from 62 up to 136 litres, meaning that taking a shower isn’t as cost-efficient as assumed. The problem is in standard shower heads – they provide a huge flow rate, letting so much water go to waste. However, now you can find eco-friendly alternatives on the market and enjoy a shower that’s both pleasant and water efficient.

Check your flow rate

The flow rate makes a crucial difference between standard and eco-friendly shower heads. This can be easily measured, even in your own bathroom: put an empty bucket in your shower, turn on the water and check out how much water will be collected in 10 seconds. If it’s more than 2 litres, then an eco-friendly shower head would be a nice water-saving addition to your home. It reduces the flow rate using the low flow technology.

What’s low flow?

Shower heads with low flow technology are specifically designed to deliver a normal shower experience while using less water. There are several types of low flow shower heads. Aerating shower heads, for instance, mix water with air to lower water consumption while others include pressure chambers that cause the water to pulsate, which also conserves water. Even reducing the size of a shower head can help since a bigger head doesn’t mean more power.

It makes your bathroom eco-friendly

Standard shower heads deliver about 18 to 30 litres per minute while eco-friendly versions dispense around 7 litres each minute, so the calculation is clear. Since showering accounts for 20-30% of overall household water usage, switching to eco-friendly shower head can decrease water consumption up to 40% and make your bathroom greener.

It also cuts down CO2 emissions – when you lower the demand for hot water, you also lower the energy usage and that results in less carbon dioxide dispersed into the atmosphere and reduces your impact on the environment.

It will save you money

Since it can reduce your water consumption significantly, eco-friendly shower heads are friendly to your wallet as well. You will save not only on water bills, claims a seasoned plumber from Melbourne, but also on your electricity bills because cutting down on water usage also cuts down your electricity usage. Experts claim you can save up to $50 on your annual electricity bill meaning that a new model of shower head will pay off in the first few months of usage.

Common misconceptions

Many people fear that low flow rate means low water pressure and, therefore, low-quality shower. It’s true that the first models of eco-friendly shower heads were less effective and slowed down the water pressure. However, newer models are designed to make the most out of low pressure by combining smaller apertures and air. Therefore, there won’t be a problem with rinsing out the shampoo from your hair or getting that head massage you used to have whenever you take a shower.

How to choose the right one?

First of all, look for the information about flow rate. You’ll want it to be less than 7 litres per minute (2.5 gl/m) to be sure it really saves water. Next, find the style you like – you can choose among small, compact shower heads or the bigger ones that use pressure systems to spread water better. Finally, always check for quality – if you want it to pay for itself several times over in the first year of usage, go for a high-quality product that can last for years.

There are many ways to make your household greener – eco-friendly shower heads are a relatively new way to do that. Invest in a shower head like this and you’ll save money, be more environmentally friendly, and have a great shower experience at the same time.

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