Do You Need An Air Purifier?

do you need an air purifier

Whether or not you actually need and can benefit from an air purifier is dependent on many factors. However, if you’re dealing with a health issue that is related to polluted indoor air in either your home or work space, the right air purification system can make a huge difference in your healing and continued good health.

If you’re constantly plagued with allergies, chemical sensitivities, mold illness, asthma and/or other related health problems and have done all you can to reduce your exposure to allergens and toxins, then purchasing one or more air purifiers can be extremely beneficial.

It’s not recommended to rely solely on an air filter to clean up your environment, however. Dr. Nathan Rabinovitch, assistant professor of pediatrics at National Jewish Medical Research Center in Denver states, “Buying an air cleaner is not my first suggestion. It’s more of a backup recommendation.”

In other words, after you’ve done all you can do to avoid household toxins, get rid of molds and clean up your toxic living space, it’s time to add an air filter for maximum clean air support.

“Take it from me: I have used at least 10 air purifiers and filtration systems over the years.
Each had its own purpose and has provided amazing health benefits related to my struggle with MCS/EI and Mold Illness.

In fact, without my trusty air purifiers, I would not be able to function as well healthwise in certain environments. So, don’t underestimate the importance of adding the right air purifier to your home or work place.”

The best air purifiers are professional-grade, quality air cleaners that are recommended by health care professionals and used by those who truly benefit from the clean air they provide.

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