DIY Natural Skin Toner Formula to Brighten Skin and Fade Brown Spots

If you want to make your own natural skin toner, but also want something that is really effective and reasonably priced, the following formula may be your answer. It requires only two ingredients, but packs a powerful punch as a natural skin care application. The main ingredient, neem essential oil, is known for its ability to smooth skin and improve texture because of its high content of fatty acids that nourish and heal.

What Does This Natural Skin Toner Do for Your Skin?

Whether it’s acne scars, brown spots, pimples or other obvious marks on your skin, you can see a noticeable improvement by using this formula. Neem oil used in combination with fresh lemon juice is a great skin toner that brightens the skin and slows the appearance of aging.

Give it a try! You may be pleasantly surprised at the results.

DIY Natural Skin Toner Formula


Additional Tips & Precautions for Natural Skin Toner

A key ingredient in this formula, neem essential oil, is extremely powerful because of its natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-microbial properties. In fact, it is considered an exceptional detoxifying agent for the skin when used correctly.

Be sure to use fresh ingredients in this formula and choose a good quality essential oil. If you experience any irritation or unpleasant side effects after use, either dilute the formula or discontinue use.

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