Container Living: DIY Shipping Container Projects

container living

Container living is a growing phenomenon among many green living enthusiasts, preppers, off grid families, and DIY home builders. Residential container homes are not the only projects built out of cargo containers, either.

Swimming pools, offices, tool sheds, outbuildings, barns, guest houses and vacation cabins are just some of the creative ideas that DIYers have built from storage containers. And why not? There are million of discarded shipping containers worldwide.

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Benefits of Container Living

Storage containers are strong, durable, cuttable, durable, stackable, and easily moved. Plus, there are plenty of them available and they are cheap, compared to traditional home construction or other prefab options.

The growing field of container architecture or cargotecture has also spurred many uses for re-purposing steel containers throughout the world. Schools, offices, businesses, and more have been built with containers.

But the increasing interest among mainstream homeowners has also developed within the last few years because of the affordable, sustainable possibilities of this type of design. If built right, shipping container homes can be great alternatives to expensive, conventionally constructed houses of the past.

Creative Container Living Secrets

Building with shipping containers offer amazing possibilities for today’s DIYers who want to think outside-the-box (pun intended :).

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