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10 Foods That Naturally Detox The Liver 

foods to detox liver

One of the easiest ways to naturally detox the liver is by eating foods that are particularly good at cleansing this typically overworked organ in the body.  Exposure to processed foods, environmental pollutants and heightened stress can cause toxicity to accumulate in the body. In order for the liver to work properly in removing these toxins, […]

Invisible: Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

It all started with a major health crisis… Years ago, I found myself in an almost inexplicable health predicament that dramatically changed my lifestyle. Courtesy of those events, I sincerely offer my expertise and practical experience for your healthy living benefits. Well, what happened, you ask? I woke up one morning feeling terrible. My throat […]

How Bad Is the Air Quality in a Typical Home?

Healthy Home Q & A

Healthy Home Q & A Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Building, Remodeling or Improving a Healthy Home with’s Green Living Coach & Healthy House Specialist, P.S. Orr Feel free to comment, ask a question or simply be curious! There’s a whole lot of people who need, already live in or are looking […]

10 Preventive Care Tips to Guard Your Health

preventive care tips

Preventive care is the best way to take care of yourself before some health problem develops. Even though it takes a little discipline to maintain good health, the extra effort pays off in aging well with fewer long term health issues. Preventive Care is Really Good Health Insurance If you want a better chance at […]

Coffee and Health: Surprising Answers from Medical Research

coffee and health

Over the years there have been many scientific studies conducted about drinking coffee and health related effects. There have often been conflicting conclusions and suggestions about the negative and positive benefits for coffee drinkers. Common Questions Asked About Coffee and Health Here are some of the most common questions asked by coffee drinkers and the […]

Probiotic Side Effects: Can Probiotics Be Harmful?

probiotic side effects

  Probiotic side effects can possibly occur after taking this dietary supplement, even though research has concluded that in most cases, it is completely safe for both adults and children. Since probiotics are live microorganisms, there is a level of unpredictability as to how these essential nutrients will react when introduced into the gastrointestinal tract. […]

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