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Natural Cosmetics: A Healthier Choice – Video

natural cosmetics

For good reasons to choose natural, non-toxic cosmetics, view this informative and entertaining video that explains the full story of the personal care products industry. Learn the Real  Story of Cosmetics Natural cosmetics are becoming a must-have for people who value their health and safety even more than their personal beauty and skincare concerns! In the […]

Organic Clothing: Practical Benefits of Wearing Ecofriendly Clothes

organic clothing benefits

Organic clothing is now prevalent in the shopping industry because a growing number of competitive organic clothing brands have made eco friendly clothing affordable for everyone due to consumer demand. In fact, the Organic Trade Association reports landmark revenue from organic products resulting in billions of dollars in sales each year in the US alone. Organic clothing is […]

Worried Shoppers Call for Dollar Stores To Go Nontoxic

dollar stores kids jewelry

Dollar Store discount chains are springing up around rural areas of the country in unprecedented numbers. Consumers are happy to find low prices and easy to find products even in the boon docks of middle American. Some things consumers aren’t happy to find lurking in over 81% of all products Dollar Store sells is at […]

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