Vegetarian Diet

Types of Vegetarian Diets: Know Your Options

types of vegetarian diets

There are several types of vegetarian diets that appeal to those who choose to eat meals consisting exclusively or mainly of plant-based foods. Since the earliest records of vegetarianism in India and Greece in the 5th century, this particular diet system has evolved to include several sub-diets, each with a different set of parameters. The various […]

5 Common Reasons for Eating a Meatless Diet

reasons for eating a meatless diet

There are a multitude of reasons that motivate many people to choose a meatless diet.  The reasons include health, environmental, religious, ethical and even financial concerns. Some choose to eat a vegetarian diet based purely on centuries old philosophical teachings, while others commit to this healthy diet simply because of the proven health benefits. Here are the most […]

8 Common Myths about the Vegetarian Diet

8 Common Myths about the Vegetarian Diet

Probably the healthiest eating pattern you can follow is that of a vegetarian. However, people (especially meat eaters) or individuals who tend to like fast food often classify those who eat a plant-based diet as being frail in frame or anemic. However, those are just two of the “myth-conceptions” that are perceived by people who are […]

Top 10 Vegetarian Protein Foods for A Healthy Diet

Vegetarians are often bombarded with questions about how they get enough protein. Many parents, peers, teachers, and coworkers will insist that without meat, vegans are certainly protein deficient. This argument may be used to convince vegetarians about the health dangers of their diet, and even nutrition stores will try to convince them that they need protein supplements. […]

Vegetarian Cooking Tips: Add Zest with Herbs and Spices!

vegetarian cooking tips

One reason some people don’t stick with a vegetarian diet is that there can be a certain monotony in flavor if eating the same foods repeatedly. That is a common complaint about eating vegetarian dishes exclusively. However, the problem is typically not with the foods themselves, but the way in which they are prepared. If you’re […]

What is a Vegetarian Diet?

what is a vegetarian diet

A vegetarian diet is a centuries old system of eating that avoids chicken, meat and pork, while relying on plant foods as the basis of healthy nutrition. There are different levels of vegetarianism that avoid certain or all animal and meat by-products, depending on the diet requirements of each. There are also various reasons for adopting a vegetarian […]

Weight Loss and Vegetarian or Vegan Diets

weight loss and vegetarian or vegan diets

Many people embark on vegetarian and vegan diets motivated by a view that it will help them control their weight. It is true that a recent study found that vegans weigh on average 30 pounds less than meat eaters do. While technically a plant diet should be lower in calories because fruits and vegetables are […]