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10 Tips To Eat Organic Food On A Tight Budget

eat organic food on a tight budget

Eating organic food doesn’t have to be so expensive that it’s out of reach on a tight budget. It’s true that food grown organically is typically more expensive when purchased at health food stores or specialty areas of the supermarket. However, with some clever planning, it’s possible to eat organic food as a daily lifestyle choice even […]

Can a Vegetarian Diet Reduce Risk Of Cancer?

can vegetarian diet reduce risk of cancer

Is it possible to lessen your risk of cancer by eating primarily a vegetarian diet? Research has shown in recent years that eliminating especially meat products can reduce your risk of getting many kinds of cancers. Vegetarian diets tend to be high in fiber, which is an independent factor in preventing cancer, particularly cancers of the digestive […]

Over 50 Diet Tips: 8 Food Tips for Healthy Longevity

Over 50 Diet Tips

The purpose of adopting an over 50 diet plan should be more than for simply losing weight, although that’s important. The fact is, when you reach fifty years old, the body requires extra care and attention to ensure that health and vitality are maintained throughout the rest of your life. In order to enjoy longevity and […]

How to Identify GMO Foods at the Grocery Store

Learning how to identify GMO foods vs. non-GMO products is essential if you want to avoid genetically modified food as much as possible. But, can you? Truthfully, it can be difficult due to the lack of labeling requirements. Know Which Foods Are Commonly GMO Unless they are labeled specifically USDA Certified Organic, the following are typically genetically modified. […]

7 Reasons to Love Cast Iron Cookware

7 reasons to love cast iron cookware

There is a lot to love about cast iron cookware. It’s durable, versatile, low cost, healthy and even collectible. It’s been a favorite in China, Europe, and in the U.S. for many years. Some of the earliest references to this type of cookware go as far back as the Han Dynasty in China in 206 BC. It has definitely stood […]

Broccoli: Nature’s Incredible Superfood

You probably didn’t see what was so great about broccoli as a child, but the truth is that this vegetable is one of nature’s top superfoods. From its stalk to its flowering head, broccoli is packed with nutrients and vitamins needed for your overall health and well being. It’s healthy, can be eaten in a number […]

Diverticular Disease Natural Remedy: Go Vegetarian


If you find yourself suffering from diverticular disease or constipation, then consider adopting a vegetarian diet as a way of effectively combating these conditions naturally. When you are constipated, you can stress the lining of the lower digestive tract, causing parts of the lining to form external pouches called diverticuli. These pouches can be medically […]

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