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Types of Shipping Containers: A Basic Guide to Cargo Containers

types of shipping containers

If you’re interested in a DIY container home project, it’s a must that you know the types of shipping containers on the market. This knowledge will help you determine the right type of cargo structure for your project especially if you’re looking to recycle used containers. 16 Types of Shipping Container Designs The following video […]

How Shipping Containers Are Made

how to buy used shipping container

It’s important to understand how shipping containers are made if you are seriously exploring the possibility of building a container home or other project from recycled containers. The intermodal container was first developed in the 1950’s as a response to shipping needs by commercial shipping operators as well as the U.S. Military. In fact, the first […]

Can You Bury a Shipping Container for a Shelter or Bunker?

can you bury a shipping container

Burying a shipping container for a shelter or bunker without any modifications is very unsafe because it can cause the walls and roof to cave inward. This can happen because cargo containers are built to withstand specific pressure at the end of the structures, not the sheet metal roof or walls. Building a shipping container […]

Where to Buy Shipping Containers for a Container House

where to buy shipping containers

The first step in building a container house is to know where to buy shipping containers that are right for your project. Although cargo containers are plentiful, you have to know where you can find them for sale. The first place to look is around your local area. You can check newspapers, stop by local […]

Why Do Preppers Love Container Homes?

camouflaged container home

The growing phenomenon of container home interest among preppers and survivalists is attributed to several practical factors related to the global shipping industry as well as the almost indestructible nature of the units.  There will be no let-up in the manufacturing of them in the near future because of the growing global economy. In fact, […]