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Indoor air pollution and Its Effects on Human Health

human health and indoor air pollution

Indoor air pollution is increasingly a common problem in today’s modern living environment. Part of the reason is because people in Western industrialized cities spend 90% of their time indoors at home, work or in school. The other reason is because of the toxic chemicals found in everything from building materials to cleaning products. In fact, scientific evidence […]

Why Choose Aireox Brand Professional Air Purifiers?

why choose aireox brand professional air purifiers

Aireox Research, Inc. is the manufacturer and supplier of the world famous Aireox Room and Car Air Purifiers. They only offer the two sizes…that’s all. Powerful. Simple. Effective. While other air cleaner companies have continued to expand their products and keep striving to find the consumer’s ‘soft spot’ for sales when it comes to a […]

Do You Need An Air Purifier?

do you need an air purifier

Whether or not you actually need and can benefit from an air purifier is dependent on many factors. However, if you’re dealing with a health issue that is related to polluted indoor air in either your home or work space, the right air purification system can make a huge difference in your healing and continued good health. If you’re constantly […]

6 Water Saving Solutions for the Home

water saving solutions for the home

Leonardo da Vinci once said that water is the driving force of nature, and he was right, no question about that. Today, we have reached the point where our irresponsible consumption and wasting of such a valuable resource has led us to rethink the way we use water. Plus, there are other serious water consumption, water-related costs […]

Why Should You Say ‘No’ to Bottled Water? 

why should you say no to bottled water

Bottled water has become an inevitable item on every urban family’s shopping list. While this trend can be justified by increasing shortages of drinking water, buying bottled water in areas where tap or well water is typically clean can be a rather snobbish choice for some. Of course, other consumers purchase bottled water for safety reasons. Although the see-saw […]

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