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Hi…Welcome to my blog here on! I share topics that are important to me and my family such as toxic free living, green building and design, and a naturally healthy lifestyle.


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Natural Odor Eliminator: Zeolite to the Rescue!

natural odor eliminator zeolite

Finding a natural odor eliminator that is toxic free, scent free and natural is typically a major effort. Most products that are touted to eliminate or absorb odors really just cover-up problem areas with additional fragrances. Plus, sometimes it’s impossible to actually remove odors completely because of the cause…such as moldy materials that will just […]

Why Choose Aireox Brand Professional Air Purifiers?

why choose aireox brand professional air purifiers

Aireox Research, Inc. is the manufacturer and supplier of the world famous Aireox Room and Car Air Purifiers. They only offer the two sizes…that’s all. Powerful. Simple. Effective. While other air cleaner companies have continued to expand their products and keep striving to find the consumer’s ‘soft spot’ for sales when it comes to a […]

Do You Need An Air Purifier?

do you need an air purifier

Whether or not you actually need and can benefit from an air purifier is dependent on many factors. However, if you’re dealing with a health issue that is related to polluted indoor air in either your home or work space, the right air purification system can make a huge difference in your healing and continued good health. If you’re constantly […]

New Book Release: The Container Food Factory

The Container Food Factory book

My newest book, The Container Food Factory: How to Grow an Organic Vegetable Garden in Containers No Matter Where You Live, is now available on Amazon Kindle here. Container gardening has become extremely popular in the last few years as novice gardeners and experienced growers alike have realized the huge potential of compact gardening techniques…no matter […]

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