Best Pots for Container Gardening

best pots for container gardening

The best pots for container gardening can be purchased, recycled or built in a wide variety of materials, shapes and sizes.

You can use really any type of container you want and it’s an opportunity for you to be inventive and reuse materials that would otherwise be discarded.

Your local garden or hardware store usually offers a huge variety of containers or pots. You can certainly use these if you want to, though be prepared to pay for the more ornate and attractive pots. They do not come cheap.

Some people simply recycle 5 gallon buckets into grow buckets for planting a self-watering container garden. Recycling old tires, discarded plastic milk bottles and large tin cans is also common among gardeners.

Others buy clay or plastic pots at stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot for a more finished look that they may want to display on a patio or garden area. Still others decide to build garden container boxes from non-treated wood such as cedar.

NOTE: While it’s great to recycle and be frugal while developing your container garden, there’s always the ‘healthier’ aspect to consider.

Recycling is a ‘green thing’, but sometimes products such as rubber tires, plastic containers and other chemically laced materials can actually leach unhealthy chemical residue up through the root system of plants.

That’s why some gardeners prefer natural, untreated wood boxes or pots made from inert materials such as glass, stone and certain types of clay. This is of special interest to those who want to grow organic gardens.

Be aware that with a container garden, drainage is absolutely vital and that you need to ensure that any containers you purchase have suitable drainage. If necessary, you can drill more drainage holes in a pot, though this does depend upon the material.

Clay pots and containers made from similar porous materials will dry out much quicker than metal or plastic containers, so consider that when choosing a container. Clay containers will also start to break after a few years as moisture gets in to the pores and then freezes.

Wooden containers will have a finite lifetime depending on the type of wood used. You can make your own containers out of wood or you can reuse materials that would otherwise be thrown away. This latter method is by far the cheapest way for you to get a container garden up and running.

wood container garden

Old tires can be painted vivid colors and arranged into gorgeous planters; old guttering can be fixed to a wall and used to grow shallow rooted plants; catering sized tin cans make for excellent wall mounted planters and even plastic milk bottles can be cut in half and mounted on a fence to grow vegetables.

You are only limited by your imagination. There is so much you can do to make an interesting garden using the space that is available to you. Remember, if you are mounting containers on walls or fences, make sure that there is enough support to hold the containers in place. Soil mix and larger plants can be quite heavy. Choosing the best pots for container gardening can be fun, easy and very practical.

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